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Outside the classroom

You’ll find a wide range of activities available beyond your course where you can get to know staff and students, form friendships, and engage with your interests further. We have departmental end of term socials, which have included a summer barbeque and Christmas lunch.

You can find out more about the latest research and debates in sociology, and network with sociologists at the regular conferences, seminar sessions and many other departmental events. Examples include our regular departmental seminars and graduate seminar series, as well as guest speakers and workshops from our Research Centres. View our events calendar to see our upcoming activities .

Our annual study visit offers you the opportunity to apply your sociology in a new context. In 2016 we went to Copenhagen - in previous years we've been to Belgrade, Kraków, Budapest, Seville, Berlin and Prague. The 2016 trip included a lecture at Copenhagen University, looking at the subject of fatherhood in Nordic countries. The trip also visited Christiania, a freetown and autonomously run area of the city, which highlighted the progressiveness of Danish society. The study trip has cost between £250 to £300, and is heavily subsidised by the department. For the past two years it has been £300. It involves flying to a European city, hostel accommodation, going on sightseeing trips, and being lectured by local academics over a duration of 4-5 days.

The Sociology Society is a great way of meeting other students of all levels who are interested in sociology. You’ll find a range of activities on offer, from social and academic events, to mentoring and careers talks. They also undertake a lot of charity work which you can get involved with. Find out more at: 

Warwick has over 250 societies covering a wide range of academic and non-academic interests, which offers socials, guest speakers and other activities.


In addition to your seminars and independent study, you are invited to get involved in the intellectual life of the department. Events include regular seminars as well as conferences, documentary screenings, workshops, and debates - which offer you the chance to widen your perspective and explore the diverse reach and applications of sociology.

Sociology departmental seminar series are held regularly during term time and are a chance to interact with staff and other students. We also have guest lecturers from beyond Warwick.

Recent events have included:

  • What is race doing in the UK’s stem cell inventory?
  • From war grave to peace garden: militarised citizenship and cultural heritage
  • Tracing Autism: Uncertainty, Ambiguity, and the Affective Labor of Neuroscience
  • The Secularisation of the Environment: Darwinism as sociology

Our Graduate seminar series has regular events including presentations from Warwick and visiting postgraduates on their work in progress.

Some examples of past events include:

  • Sexuality, Desire and Care Work
  • Bodies and Identities of Struggle
  • Motherhood, Queer Femininity and Autobiography
  • Spaces of Fear, Inequality, and Gender

Our research centres and themes also host their own visiting speaker programmes.

Previous sessions include:

  • How Could We Truly Live and Talk Together: Beyond Idealist Dreams and Pseudo-materialists Dictates
  • Breaking our silences on the neoliberal academy: facilitating change from a postgraduate perspective
  • STS and Environmental Politics
  • Women and beyond war: justice, conflict and peacekeeping



“There are so many events for masters students at Warwick and in the sociology department. I constantly get emails for events happening nearly every day, and many of them are really interesting. Events can range from sociology lunches, cake and tea meetings, to guest lectures with a reception at the end. They are great and give you a chance to meet new people. The sociology community is a bit like a big family.”

- Lea Linebaugh, MA Gender and International Development

Warwick Sociology Society Executive Committee 2017/18

Warwick Sociology Society is for anyone who studies the subject, is interested in Sociology, has friends who study Sociology or likes the look of any event we put on! We aim to create a welcoming, fun, inclusive and supportive atmosphere for all members no matter what stage of their degree they are in or which department of the university they study in. We currently have 125 official members.

We host a variety of events over the 3 terms, loosely falling into categories of academic and careers, social, charity and welfare events.

Examples of events we have run this year include, our joint ball with Warwick Politics Society; our annual Christmas meal; off campus trips, including bowling and nights out; talks from alumni and academic staff; our mentoring scheme; revision and exams skills sessions; film screenings; our charity raffle; and the selling of Sociology Society’s charity
Christmas socks.

Check out our webpage:

and our Facebook page: