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Pedagogies, Politics, Power (SO960-20)

Topics covered

The following is an indicative list of topics for this module; precise seminar content may change from year to year.

  • Pedagogies: Politics: Power
  • Critical Pedagogy and Praxis
  • Knowledge and Curriculum
  • 'Trojan Horse'
  • Equality and Dissensus
  • Produce: Resist: Occupy
  • Queering Pedagogies
  • The Future
Timing and CATS

This module will run in the Autumn Term and is worth 20 CATS.

Programme content

Pedagogies, Politics, Power considers the ways in which political and power relations are embedded and re/produced through teaching, learning and research. The module draws on a range of theoretical traditions and critical approaches in order to explore the social and political aspects of pedagogic practices and educational policy making in a global context. This includes an investigation of the nature and content of formal and informal educational provision within different geographical, cultural, economic and political contexts. Through the analysis of a diverse range of literature, including policy and media materials, the module considers theories of educational socialisation; schools, higher education and market ideology; the construction of knowledge; issues of inequality and ‘difference’; critical, informal and popular pedagogies; resistance and refusal. We also examine the ‘future’ of education in the light of recent political events including the financial crisis and (student) protests.

Students are advised to consult a range of media sources in order to update their knowledge on educational issues. Most major UK broadsheet newspapers provide regular reports on education and/or weekly supplements. You are also encouraged to make use of visual, documentary and popular media resources such as film or fiction. A selection of Sociology of Education materials from the archives are available on the Modern Records Centre (MRC) website. You are encouraged to make use of this excellent resource by visiting the archives online and in person.

Module Director:
Cath Lambert

Sample reading list (PDF Document)


Theory and Methodologies Research Cluster

Sociology Prospective Postgraduates