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Sex, Gender, Power at Work (SO998-20)

On this module, you’ll focus on the gendered social processes that are central to current changes in paid and unpaid work. You’ll be introduced to research on gender, ‘race’, social class, sexuality and power that has helped to bring about a reconceptualisation of the meaning of work and its place in people’s lives.The course locates formal employment within wider social processes, but views it as a crucial site of gender power as well as resistance.

It’ll emphasise the relevance of both structures and cultures in reshaping women’s and men’s employment patterns and experiences, exploring the implications of globalised production chains, state policies, and shifting constructions of gender for changes in overall patterns of employment, the relation between paid and unpaid work and experiences of work in different employment sectors. You’ll learn not only about gender in formal employment in organizations and global factories, but also forms of reproductive labour, including the centrality of paid and unpaid care work, sex work and egg ‘donation’ and surrogacy.

Module Director

Carol Wolkowitz

Timing and CATS

This module will run in the Autumn Term and is worth 20 CATS