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Feminist Theory and Epistemology: Debates and Dilemmas (SO9B0-20)

Topics covered

The following is an indicative list of topics for this module; precise seminar content may change from year to year.

  • The Status of Theory in Feminism and the Status of Feminism in Social Theory
  • The 'White Man of Reason': The Gender and Racial Politics of Knowledge
  • Feminist Scholarship and the Status of Experience and Location: The Personal is Political
  • Dangerous Liaisons (I): Psychoanalysis and Feminism
  • Dangerous Liaisons (II): Post-Structuralism and Feminism
  • Feminist Conceptualisations of the Self
  • Sex and Gender, the Material and the Discursive
  • Agency, Resistance, and Power
  • Feminism and the Politics of Difference: Navigating Intersections
  • Que(e)rying Feminism: Feminism and Queer Theory
Timing and CATS

This module will run in the Autumn Term and is worth 20 CATS.

Programme content

This module introduces postgraduate students to major concepts, theories, and debates in feminist theory and epistemology. It will adopt an interdisciplinary and interscetional approach, and include discussions both of canonical texts, and of new and emerging feminist debates in feminist theory and epistemology. The aim of the module is to provide stduents with a detailed understanding of the nature and implications of feminist critiques of academic knowledge production and feminist (re)conceptualisations of the social world.

Module Director:
Maria do Mar Pereira

Sample reading list (PDF Document)


Inequalities and Social Justice Research Cluster

Sociology Prospective Postgraduates