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'Race', Ethnicity, and Social Change (SO9B5-15)

Topics covered

The following is an indicative list of topics for this module; precise seminar content may change from year to year.

  • 'Race' and 'racism(s)': ontological issues
  • Ethnicity and 'ethnic group': interrogating 'groupness'
  • Defining the nation: migration and the advent of 'super-diversity'
  • Sites of exclusion and exclusionary processes
  • Ethnic segregation and questions of spatiality
  • Policing the 'enemy within'
  • Civil rights and community empowerment: promoting social change
  • Exploring the potential of legislation as a vehicle for challenging exclusionary processes
  • Interrogating the 'inclusive' and 'cohesive' society
  • The role of sociology and sociologists: researching 'race' and racism(s)
Timing and CATS

This module is a half-year module and is worth 20 CATS.

Programme content

On this module, you’ll explore the ontological status of key concepts, such as ‘race’, ‘ethnicity’ and ‘ethnic group’, and to understand the ways in which exclusionary processes impact on the lives of minoritised communities. In exploring the theoretical, political, and policy challenges posed by the latter process, we can assess the scope for progressive social change through civil rights struggles, community empowerment and legislation, and question the role of sociology and sociologists in promoting such change.

Module Director:
Peter Ratcliffe

Sample reading list (PDF Document)


Inequalities and Social Justice Research Cluster

Sociology Prospective Postgraduates