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Sociology in a Biological Age: Power, Sociality, and Difference (SO9B9)

We live according to some, in the century of biology. Insights from the biosciences, such as genomics and synthetic biology have offered up new ways to understand how our bodies and minds work. What can a sociological approach bring to these new forms of sociality and politics that are taking shape in the 21st century? With what consequences for forms of social difference such as gender and race? How do legacies of colonialism and imperialism impringe upon the kinds of futures envisioned by contemporary science?

By engaging with these questions, you'll be required to work with a variety of sociological perspectives on the contemporary life sciences. Objects of attention range in scale from molecules to personhood to environments of risk. The texts for this course attend to diverse contexts of laboratory practices, clinical encounters, postcolonial politics and broader social debates. The course will develop your ability to think critically and communicate effectively about the interactions between science and social relations.

Sociology in a Biological Age

Module Director:

Amy Hinterberger


This module is worth 20 CATS