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Social Theory and Social Justice (SO9C6)

Social justice is a deeply contested concept and this course will explore the competing ways in which it is defined, theorised and practiced in local and global contexts. You will be encouraged to think critically and expansively about the nature of social justice by considering its foundational claims and the historical and contemporary disputes that have shaped the development of this idea.

In the first half of this module, we will analyse and critique the core concepts of social justice such as equality, liberty, solidarity and democracy. We will also compare and contrast competing ideas of social justice from across the Global North and South. In the second half of the module, we will explore different manifestations of injustice and critically evaluate political practices seeking to address these issues at the local and global level.

By engaging in a critical analysis of the theories of social justice and by examining the differing ways in which activists enact social justice, we will be able to better understand the meaning and contradictions of this oftentimes controversial idea.

The module assessment is in two parts. For Task 1, students are required to write five 300-word blogs over the course of the term. Task 2 is a 2,100-word essay.

Social Theory and Social Justice

Module Director:

Akwugo Emejulu


This module is worth 20 CATS