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Student views

Being an international student, coming to the UK was a big change for me. I was nervous about meeting the requirements of the course but the Sociology Department was so welcoming and supportive throughout my 3 years here. Whether in a seminar, or outside class, being treated as a researcher whose thoughts and opinions matter was really encouraging and I knew I could always turn to the staff if I had any difficulties.

Students are encouraged to carry out their own research and learn independently but all this is happening with the help and guidance of the Department. Besides the core modules laying the foundations of your social theory and research knowledge the flexible curriculum with a variety of optional modules allow everyone to explore their own interests. I particularly enjoyed modules such as Race, Resistance and Modernity; Racism and Xenophobia; Commercial Cultures in Global Capitalism; Transnationalism and New Media; and the Dissertation in my final year, which was a challenging but very rewarding project. The modules are taught by experts whose enthusiasm towards their own fields was truly inspiring and motivating; and participating in discussions and group projects I learnt so much from my fellow students as well.

One of the highlights of my time at Warwick was the Sociology Study Trip to Lisbon in my first year and I also really enjoyed working with the Department as a Student Ambassador at Open Days. Studying Sociology has not only taught me relevant skills I can build on in the future but has also changed my perception of our social world and how I see myself in it. If I could start all over again, no doubt I would choose Sociology at Warwick again.

- Linda Nagy, BA Sociology with a Specialism in Cultural Studies

The Sociology department are not only passionate about the study of humanity but the wellbeing of those who make up humanity, and luckily for us, that includes us students! This makes a massive difference as you pursue your degree because it is not always easy. However, the department are so mindful of the pressures of university and a strong belief that we can finish and finish strong if given the room to figure out how with their help. I am so grateful for everyone in the department from those who teach me, to those who teach modules I’m yet to take and host amazing conferences, to those who make sure I get my module choices and those who help me navigate the complexities and bureaucracy of adult life.

As my first year in Sociology comes to end, I have learnt that I can ask for help here and fulfil my true potential that would have otherwise been inhibited due to fear of asking in the first place. For this reason, I am excited to discover my academic interests further and developing the intellectual rigour it takes to do well in those interests with the help of my Sociology family.

I would recommend studying Sociology at Warwick because the department is intimate enough for you to really unpack your interests in a field with experts who care as much about those interests as you do. I would also say choosing to study Sociology at Warwick is choosing to grow holistically. Though your professors have their own personal commitments they are just as excited to help you figure out your interests and what they mean to you; this is why I love sociology and would recommend studying it here at Warwick.

- Jess Agboola, 1st year, BA Sociology