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Outside the classroom


We are a friendly, lively and interactive department with a stimulating environment, where undergraduate students interact with Masters students, PhD students and staff members alike. Here, you will quickly settle in and get to know people from all levels. We also have a common room offering free tea and coffee, where you can catch up with friends or academics between lectures. What’s more, our department is based in the centre of campus, meaning that you can easily access a whole suite of other facilities.

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Our community

Beyond your course, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to engage with our community on both an intellectual and social level. Our student-organised, student-led Sociology Society organises academic talks and social activities that you can be a part of. These events will provide you with a forum beyond the classroom to discuss all things relating to sociology. Or they can act simply as an environment for you to socialise with people who share your subject interest.

Each year a study trip is organised to an exciting location where you’ll be encouraged to exercise your sociological imagination. Past study trip destinations have included: Belgrade, Amsterdam, Prague, Lisbon, Budapest, Seville and Berlin.

With all this to offer, we encourage our undergraduate students to get involved with all aspects of departmental life.


As a Warwick student, you can be involved in a wide range of Societies, ranging from those which are academic in nature, to those relating to hobbies or other interests. There are over 250 societies at Warwick – who knows, you could be the next President of one of them!

The Sociology Society is an academic society aiming to offer a broad range of events and support for students through their degree.

Warwick Sociology Journal

Our undergraduate and postgraduate students can showcase their work in our student-founded, student-led journal. Although the journal is student-led, the Sociology Society and our department support the initiative. We pride ourselves on providing students with the opportunity to achieve publication; a unique and fantastic addition to any CV, academic or otherwise. The journal encourages submission of work that is sociological in nature and can take the form of - but is not limited to - an academic essay, article, report or book review.


Whether you’re an undergraduate, postgraduate or member of staff, you’ll be encouraged to attend our department seminars and other research activities which take place throughout the year. We host a range of fantastic sociological speakers from across the UK at these seminars and events.

Our research centres and clusters organise exciting research events, including workshops, seminars and lectures, often with high profile national and international speakers.

The department also organises a number of events targeted at undergraduate students. For example, we host an Alumni event where past members of the department come to talk with current students about their careers, and a range of social events such as a Welcome Party and an end-of-year BBQ.

Annual study trip

Our annual study trip will give you the opportunity to interact with fellow sociology students in an international environment. The trip takes place in the last week of the spring term each year. In the past, we’ve travelled to cities such as: Belgrade, Lisbon, Berlin, Copenhagen, Athens and Seville to name but a few.

In 2016 we travelled to Copenhagen as a group of both undergraduate and postgraduate students, and had the chance to learn about the city with a sociological eye.

Trip activities focused on exploring the city and taking part in many engaging activities. A highlight for many was the visit to Christiania, a Freetown and autonomously run area of the city, which underlined the progressiveness of Danish society; and seeing the famous ‘Little Mermaid’ statue. Exploring on foot, we uncovered aspects of the city’s history and the industries on which it was built.

Denmark is well known for being one of the most advanced nations in terms of paternal leave. We had the opportunity to listen to lectures at Copenhagen University, on the subject of fatherhood in Nordic countries. This was an excellent opportunity to hear from experts researching this topic in such a liberal context. Listening to the stories from previous residents provided us with an insider’s perspective, which provoked a lot of questions and debates about the society we live in.

All of this was, of course, complemented with plenty of delicious food and lots of free time for students to explore the city independently.

The trip is generously subsidised by the Sociology department and it’s an excellent chance for students to meet and build relationships with people at other stages of their studies, as well as to travel to a new city and apply the skills of sociological analysis they have been learning through their degrees.

In 2017 we went to Belgrade and attended various cultural activities as well as lectures from local academics. We are looking forward to our trip in 2018 to Amsterdam.

Undergraduate Research Support Scheme (URSS)

Imagine securing a bursary to carry out a research project of your choosing during your summer holidays whilst at university. This is possible through a scheme offered at Warwick, which our undergraduate students can apply to take part in: ‘The Undergraduate Research Support Scheme’ (URSS).

If you are successful, you’ll get a bursary and skills development training to carry out your summer research project, as an addition to your Sociology degree course. All students are supervised by an academic member of staff for the scheme. Undertaking a summer research project with URSS will give you a taste of research, which is invaluable if, after your undergraduate degree, you want to go on and study at postgraduate level. You’ll also develop a range of skills which will add further value to your degree study.

The Institute for Applied Teaching and Learning, (IATL), also offer funding directly to students for undertaking either individual or collaborative research, through their 'Student as Producer' fund. In addition, IATL host an international, peer-reviewed journal for the publication of undergraduate research papers. Many of our Sociology undergraduates have gained academic publications alongside their degree.

Example URSS research projects carried out by Sociology students

  • Attitudes towards same-sex marriage among young heterosexual people in Cyprus:
    A qualitative study
  • Refugee Crisis in British Newspapers
  • Cosmetic Surgery Discourse in Sweden and the United States:
    A Cross-National Comparison on the Right to Modification

Warwick Sociology Society Executive Committee 2017/18


Warwick Sociology Society is for anyone
who studies the subject, is interested
in Sociology, has friends who study
Sociology or likes the look of any
event we put on! We aim to create a
welcoming, fun, inclusive and supportive
atmosphere for all members no matter
what stage of their degree they are in or
which department of the university they
study in. We currently have 125 official

We host a variety of events over the three
terms, loosely falling into categories of
academic and careers, social, charity and
welfare events.

Examples of events we have run this
year include: our joint ball with Warwick
Politics Society; our annual Christmas
meal; off campus trips, including bowling
and nights out; talks from alumni and
academic staff; our mentoring scheme;
revision and exams skills sessions; film
screenings; our charity raffle; and the
selling of Sociology Society’s charity
Christmas socks.

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