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BA Sociology with Specialism in Technologies and Markets

What do scientific concerns or commercial issues have to do with Sociology? How and why are technologies and markets part of sociological research? This elective specialism offers students the opportunity of developing literacy in a variety of debates regarding technologies and markets, which inflect Media Studies, Science and Technology studies, and Economic Sociology.

Students will be able to learn the ways in which theories and philosophies of science, knowledge, commerce, economics, work, the body, animals and the environment constitute sociological concerns. Literature regarding technologies and markets will enable a sensitivity to the manner in which these sociological concerns contribute to changing understandings of ourselves and others in the local, national, global political and transnational context.

Structure by Year

You will follow the BA Sociology degree, including the specified core degrees, and your choice of optional modules for each year up to 120 CATS in total. The list below shows the number of CATS (credits towards your degree) which are optional for each year, as part of your BA Sociology degree. To claim your specialism you will complete 60CATS worth of modules and a 30CATS dissertation in your relevant specialist area. See the box below for modules available in this specialist area.

1st Year modules:

2nd Year modules:

3rd Year modules:

Optional modules for the Specialism in Technologies and Markets

To claim your specialism in Technologies and Markets you will choose 90CATS worth of modules (including a 30CATS dissertation) in this specialist area. The options currently available for the 2017/18 year which could be chosen for the Technologies and Markets specialism are listed below and are indicative of the type of module list which will be available in future years.

First year:

Second year:

Third year:

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The Student Experience


"This is a very exclusive specialism – I was always interested in this specific part of sociology but never thought I could be specialising in it! I was lucky enough to be offered specialism in Technologies and Markets since I was the first year to be introduced to this by the cohort.

There was no hesitation to choose this since technology's been the sphere I've been passionate about since first year. It is especially helpful for me as I hope to work in a technology firm, particularly in marketing.

This is a specialism you can only find at Warwick Sociology as the department gathers a lot of economic and political sociology experts like Nicolas Gane and Charles Turner, discussing forces operating on the modern market from sociological perspectives."

- Anastasiia Zhigunova, BA Sociology in Technologies and Markets

What is a specialism?

You will be able to choose an elective specialisms and this elective can be added to your final degree title. You select these once you are already here and studying by following a pathway of optional modules and completing a dissertation in the relevant area. Selections of specialisms are confirmed at the beginning of your third year, so you can try a number of topics before choosing this route.

The electives can be chosen to concentrate on an area of particular interest or with a view to preparing for postgraduate study or entry to a particular field of employment. You will be taking a minimum of four modules related to the specialism and your dissertation project will explore research in the relevant specialism.