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Gender, Culture and Popular Media

Gender relations have undergone radical transformations over the past several decades, leading to an influential and diverse tradition of feminist media and cultural studies.

Central to this field are debates and theory in studies of masculinity, sexualities, the changing constructions of femininity and female identities and the place of feminism as a source of cultural critique, activism and also new cultural ideals.

This module will provide a lively exploration of a selection of key debates and issues within the wide-ranging field of gender, culture and popular media studies. We will explore the cultural construction of feminisms, femininities and masculinities, focusing on media representations on the one hand and a range of socio-cultural contexts on the other.

The themes masculinities, femininities and feminisms crosscut all topics.

We will will take particular interest in the ways in which gender and popular culture are also inflected — sometimes dramatically, sometimes subtly — by ‘controlling mythologies’ and ‘intersectional’ social relations of class, race and sexuality.

In addition to lectures, seminars and readings, the module will involve viewing of film and television and study of print and web based media.

Laverne Cox

Module Director

Deborah Lynn Steinberg

Timing and CATS

This module will be running throughout the year and be worth 30 CATS