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Politics of Asylum (SO351)

This module focuses on disentangling various aspects of the politics of asylum in the ‘West’. We will look at who asylum seekers are, where they come from, where they go to, and what their rights are in international law. We will discuss the origins of the right to asylum and the development of exclusionary regimes both nationally and at the regional level in the case of the EU. Key contemporary issues will be focussed on in depth including the welfare and work rights of asylum seekers, the detention of asylum seekers, and borderzones such as the Mediterranean and Calais.

The module will combine both theoretical discussion of the normative rights and principles which are of relevance to the right to asylum, such as the principle of universal humanity and recourse to cosmopolitan rights. At the same time, this is a subject which is rooted in the lived reality of the contested politics of mobility in the contemporary period and as such we will draw on empirical examples from around the world. This module will provide you with a clear understanding of the key concepts and debates on the politics of asylum. You will be encouraged to use the theories and examples discussed in class to analyse contexts and issues that interest them in the essay assignments.

Politics of Asylum

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This module is worth 15 CATS.