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Decolonising Music: Popular, World and Folk Forms (SO352)

Music is a part of our everyday lives, from a background noise in elevators, to enlivening a memory of our most intimate encounters. But, when we take time to reflect on musical tastes and what we choose to like or discard, we get caught up in a quite tangled world of politics, classification and marketing.

We'll engage with a specific area of music that comes under the gamut of 'world music' but sits in relation to other genres, such as popular and folk music. The intellectual tools that are available for the broader study of culture will be used to develop a critical relationship to various genres of music. You'll have the opportunity to reflect on your own musical tastes, and engage with artists/producers as part of your learning. A creative and critical output in the form of a multimedia blog is anticipated to be one of the course’s outcomes.

Virinder Kalra - Tabla 

Module Director

Virinder Kalra


This module is worth 15 CATS.