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Hello from me and why I think that you should study with us...

Goldie OsuriDr Goldie Osuri

"You may be interested in why the referendum on Brexit has become such a contentious issue in the UK, or why President-elect Donald Trump won the US election. You may indeed be interested in understanding how race, gender and polling played a role in these current issues. Many of our 16/17 Sociology modules currently appear to be examining these issues. For instance, I am told that the module convenor for Introduction to Quantitative Methods has recently been discussing the relationship between polling, elections and referendum. One of our staff members, Dr Maria Do Mar Pereira, has been co-organising, along with the Sociology Society, a series of staff-student lunches to address some of these social and political concerns this term.

As Director of Undergraduate Studies, I oversee many of the teaching and learning issues to do with the Sociology undergraduate experience. I love the fact that the Department is able to take student concerns seriously and transform these concerns into policies and procedures that benefit both staff and students. Over the last year or so, I have worked with staff and students in the Department to introduce new specialisms to our curriculum. Sociology students appreciate being able to convey a specialised area of expertise, for the purpose of employability.

Specialisms new to the Sociology degree for 17/18 include: Race and Global Politics; Technologies and Markets; Social Inequalities and Public Policy; and Social and Political Thought. These exciting new specialisms have been added to the popular Gender Studies specialism and the Research Methods specialism. Each year, a number of our students choose to write very interesting dissertations relevant for a particular area of expertise. A recent dissertation that I supervised, examined how gender issues have become relevant for faith-based communities. These specialisms are distinctive to Warwick and are based on our staff research specialities.

This term, I am teaching an exciting final year module called Transnationalism and New Media. One of the assessments is a colloborative group project asking students to produce a podcast commenting on the use of social media in relation to a contemporary social or political issue. I always feel inspired in marking this assessment, as I see the passion the students put into making the podcast; they learn a lot from the process and so do I.

I really hope that you're able to join us for one of our Offer Holder Open Days coming up in early 2017, and I hope that you decide to study with us here at Warwick".



Student views

"I would recommend studying Sociology at Warwick, because the Department feels intimate enough for me to be able to unpack my interests in a field with experts who really care as much about those interests as I do. And although professors have their own personal commitments, they are just as excited to help us figure out our interests and what they mean to us; so much that they make time for us to grow as a student and subsequently as a person. This is why I love Sociology and would absolutely recommend studying it at Warwick!"

~ Jess Agboola, BA Sociology, 2nd year