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Darani AnandCongratulations from Darani Anand, Departmental Administrator for Teaching and Learning

My name is Darani Anand, Departmental Administrator for Teaching and Learning. I manage the administrative processes that relate to UG, PGT and PGR student life cycle. I work closely with the UG programmes officer and the Director of Undergraduate Studies on a daily basis and together we are your UG admin team. I have an open door policy and am happy to see you anytime. We are here to support you and enable you to have the best possible experience during your time at Warwick.

Sociology is a very friendly department and provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere to students. Students have access to the department common room where they can relax, study and enjoy a free cup of coffee. This gives you the opportunity to meet fellow students and colleagues. Life at Warwick Sociology is not all about study, we have various social events that you can take part and have a fun time. To mention a few, you can be part of the Sociology Society, go on the study trip, attend Sociology lunches and be part of focus groups and share your ideas.

We look forward to welcoming you in October and being part of your student journey.

Faye BrownCongratulations from Faye Brown, Undergraduate Programmes Officer

My name is Faye Brown, Undergraduate Programmes Officer for the Sociology Department. My role is to administer all the Undergraduate programmes in Sociology. I deal with things like timetabling, module registration, seminar registration, temporary and permanent withdrawal and applications for mitigation. I am the first point of contact for all non-academic enquiries for Undergraduate students.

I work in Sociology Reception, which is an open office and students are welcome to visit us at any time with any queries they may have. We are a very friendly, student-focused department. We would encourage students to use our staff/student common room and join the very active Sociology Society through the Student Union as this is a great way to make friends and get to know other Sociology students and staff.