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Student Profiles

Sam Arman"I’m interested in understanding how people do different things in their daily lives and what it means to them. It’s fascinating to think about how people of different places affect the way we live today. The way sociology goes about looking at this is the most critical yet the most accessible to me.

In the past 2 years, my perspective towards everyday life has changed radically. Sociology and specifically the way it is taught here has challenged me intellectually every step of the way. It has given me new knowledge; for example, in daily interactions, I’ve become more observant to why people behave/talk the way they do. Thanks to the skills in critical thinking and data analysis obtained from this degree, I can choose from any career choice: from law, to tax consultancy, to teaching, and social work in communities. The routes are endless!

During my time here, the Sociology department has been absolutely amazing in helping me to settle well into university life as well as the academic life. I hadn’t studied sociology before, I come from a science background and English is my second language. I first found it difficult to get my head around the topics and the concept of essay writing. However, the department was more than helpful in their aid and now it is so much easier for me to carry out essays and exams, and writing in general. You will be given an overview of sociological theory and research methods in first year in a thorough way by academics who actually care whether you have previously studied it or not. You’re not at a disadvantage if you haven’t done sociology or if English isn’t your first language."

- Sam Arman, BA Sociology

Elena"I hope that every new student coming to Warwick to study Sociology is able to enjoy the degree as much as I have! As many have described Sociology as a hobby as well as an academic subject, I completely agree that Sociology becomes your hobby. You live it. By the end of your degree in Sociology, you’ll notice that you’re observant to your surroundings, in trying to explain the behaviours of others. Academically, the degree can be challenging at times, however, it’s amazing to study topics that you encounter in everyday life.

Having done modules focusing on gender inequality, health and medicine, as well as family functioning and parenting styles, I can assure you that you‘ll be able to see everyday life with a total different perspective. I believe that a degree in Sociology will not only allow you to evolve academically, but you’ll also grow as a person."

- Elena Mylona, BA Sociology and Quantitative Methods

20707423_10214113236531275_2054753803_n.jpg"I remember my biggest worry being not so much the work but forming a good friendship circle! Even imagining myself in university, with the hundreds of students constantly on campus every day in a new city, was very daunting for me. I was unsure of how I would fit into a suddenly very dynamic environment.

Yet the international and lively atmosphere of Warwick is what I cherish the most and has given me the greatest memories. Since there are so many different people from a range of backgrounds and diversities, I got to experience so many parts of different cultures and meet and befriend people I would have never expected to. It definitely opened my eyes to how global a university can be.

Warwick Sociology is such an accommodating department, and has helped me to feel confident and supported in all my decisions. At one point during my undergraduate studies, I went through an emotionally draining time due to personal issues and once I shared it with my module convenors and my personal tutor, they all helped me as much as possible to get through it academically. Coming to university, you suddenly realise the huge difference between professors and teachers. Here at Warwick, there is a team of professors who truly want to share their passion with you and help you get through your 3 to 4 years at University, and this is truly comforting."

- Rachel Lee, BA Sociology 2017


ana.jpg"The mistake I’d made and wish it wouldn’t effect upcoming prospective students is to not stress yourself out too much! As you enter Warwick, you’ll see plenty of choices and opportunities; including societies, careers, modules/specialism choices, and much more. And this can be overwhelming onto which decisions to take. Initially, my friends and I were so caught up on how our decisions determine our future - we were way too cautious on which choices to make, whether that’s to do with modules, societies, and the people that one associates with. However, looking back, I don’t know why I was getting worried. There is nothing to be worried about, because the efficient approach is to go for the opportunities offered to you at the point of your interest, and to continuously enjoy your first year. Various opportunities are endlessly available, every year here - before you find it out yourself, it’ll be presented before you! So, even if you find yourself missing on one opportunity, don’t get discouraged that you’re a step back before someone else, because you’ve got more chasing after you!"

- Anastasiia Zhigunova, BA Sociology in Technologies and Markets

Heejin "In the midst of confusion and excitement, I chose to study BA Politics and Sociology at Warwick due to the two departments’ renowned title of excellence in academia as well as student experience.

The study of both Politics and Sociology are truly complementary. For me, studying topical themes in PAIS, such as ‘Justice, Democracy and Citizenship’, have brought fresh perspectives on politics and how they matter to when we put political theory to work on pressing real-world issues. These modules have assisted me with the understanding of sociology modules, such as ‘Class and Capitalism in a Neoliberal World’, where we explored the social consequences of the current neoliberal, democratic world, and why these changes might be responsible for the urban unrest and dissatisfaction in society. That, alongside seminars with fruitful discussions and debates with students from two departments, and from multi-national and cultural backgrounds are what had made my studies at Warwick so rich and alive.

Not to mention, student life at Warwick? It is highly dynamic and offers implausible opportunities to try new activities. Warwick is a bubble of work, research, societies, and crazy nights-out surrounded by exciting, open and multi-cultured people."

- Heejin Yoon, BA Politics and Sociology

Dan Smitherman"The very nature of studying and better understanding society and examining the perspectives that have tried to do that was really exciting for me and I knew I wanted to keep studying it. It’s really one of the most empowering subjects I have ever studied which has aided my working skills massively, and given me a grounding of myself as a person.

I knew that sociology was the right degree from me since doing it at A-level, but also after coming and talking to the staff here at the open day I went to. Their totally genuine love for the subject that came through in the student ambassadors I met too is something you just don’t get in many other disciplines, or other sociology courses at different universities. Upon applying I knew that I wanted to explore certain areas of social theory, particularly to do with class and culture, and get to grips with conducting qualitative research I had read so much about up to then. Doing the degree here has allowed to me to do both of these things which is fantastic.

This degree has completely ruined any TV viewing sessions, but in a good way! The way the content on these courses is taught is specifically done in such a passionate and applicable way that it is near impossible not to have your preconceptions and views on societal issues changed in a way that reflects how you act in the world, especially modules like Sociology of Gender. You will never be able to genuinely watch ads without bringing theoretical takedowns to mind at the very least!"

- Dan Smitherman, BA Sociology