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Sociology degree structure

Learning style and contact time

The BA Sociology course offers rigorous training combined with flexibility. Beyond the core modules, you will choose your own topics of study from our varied specialist modules. In your first year, you will receive classical and contemporary social research training in theory and methods. Additionally, you will have the choice of taking two optional modules; you can also choose optional modules outside the department. By your second year, you will be choosing almost 60% of your modules as options. In your third year, you will do a dissertation (accounting for 25% of your final year mark) and the rest of your modules will be your choice from our list of options. The dissertation will be on a topic area of your choosing, developed and agreed upon with your supervisor.

You can select from a wide range of optional modules in the second and third years to retain a general degree, or you can concentrate on an area of particular interest, with a view to preparing for postgraduate study or entry to a particular field of employment.

Your module tutors will be able to provide specific advice about the subject matter of individual modules along with advice in terms of specific essays and assignments. Module convenors/tutors have weekly 'Advice and Feedback' hours when you can sit down on a one-to-one basis with the tutor and follow up on seminar discussions, seek guidance on your essays, and ask questions about feedback you have received.


Although methods of assessment vary for each module, you will generally mostly be expected to write essays; on some modules you will have a choice of essays and/or take a two to three-hour examination in some modules. You will be given plenty of advance notice regarding these assignments and examinations.

In your second year you may be able to choose your method of assessment. This may be 100% examination, 100% assessed essay, or 50% exam and 50% essay. Please be aware that there may not always be this choice, but you will be given full information about assessment at the time of choosing your modules. As well as essays and exams, you could also be assessed through other methods like online quizzes, group presentations, research projects or podcasts.

We realise that feedback is important to your academic development, so throughout your degree you will receive regular and extensive feedback to help you progress, including: written comments on essays, the chance for one-to-one meetings with module tutors and informal feedback during seminars and group discussions. You will also write formative essays for which you will receive detailed feedback in preparation for your module summative assessments.

Yearly structure (Single Honours degrees)

Please note: these modules are indicative of offerings in 2017/18 and may be subject to change.

1st Year modules

2nd Year modules

3rd Year modules

View our list of Sociology modules available for the 2017/18 academic year (which is indicative of the type of list available in future years)