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Social Research for Social Change (SO9B8)

How can sociology change the world? If you want to become a social researcher because you think knowing more about our social world can make a difference, then this module may be for you. The module is designed to develop socially engaged researchers who can reflect on the impact their research might have – both positive and negative – in the wider world, and to provide opportunities and skills at working with potential users of social research outside universities.

If you are considering a career in social research outside university, then this module will help you to consider how academic skills can be put into practice, and build your experience in working with community organisations who want to engage with social research.

If you are considering a career as a social researcher in higher education, you will be aware that increasing importance is being put on how academic research can have impact outside universities, in the UK higher education sector and beyond.

This module will help you to understand some of the barriers to successful engaged social research, and to reflect on ways of overcoming those barriers.

Weekly workshops on the module include some lecturing but primarily be based around student-led discussion and exercises to explore ideas developed through reading and practical exercises. As part of their learning and assessment, students will co-organise a public workshop involving expertise from beyond the university, to continue the conversation about the experiences of social research from social change from which we can learn, the challenges posed by this kind of research, and ideas for future research initiatives.

Take this module if you want to learn more about the politics and ethics of social research in practice; to think about theories of change and the importance of building relationships; and to reflect honestly, critically and productively on the failures as well as the successes of research and research relationships.

Social Research for Social Change

Module Director:

Hannah Jones


This module is worth 20 CATS