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Conferences, Seminars and Workshops

News of pending conferences, seminars and workshops will be posted on this page as and when details are finalised.


CRED uses seminars and workshops to showcase members work, irrespective of its nature (‘pure’/theoretical or more directly policy related or policy relevant). In the case of more policy oriented research we feel that our dissemination role is of particular importance. End users’ needs are a prime consideration here, especially those of public authorities, NGOs and the voluntary/community sector. The dialectical relationship with them is invaluable as a way of developing ideas about ‘what works’ and this in turn is vital for our UK monitoring function.

Seminars and workshops

A recent seminar delivered by Dr Stella Hart, Research Fellow with CRED 2007-9, was entitled 'The 'problem' with youth? Lived experience and cultural citizenship

In 2008, Professor Zlatko Szrbis, visiting fellow to CRED and the Institute of Advanced Studies at Warwick, presented a seminar to the Department of Sociology on 'Children of immigrants and transnational attachments'. In this he reflected on the contemporary challenges to migrant belonging as experienced by migrant children in the shadows of the 'War on Terror'. During this visit, Zlatko also held a workshop with graduate students. See:


CRED's Director is President of the International Sociological Association (ISA) Research Committee on Racism, Nationalism and Ethnic Relations (RC05). The Research Committee hosts a large stream of sessions at each of the major ISA conferences:

2010 ISA World Conference in Gotheburg

The next ISA World Congress of Sociology will take place in Gothenburg, Sweden during July 2010. Major research committees, such as RC05 (Racism, Nationalism and Ethnic Relations), run an extensive series of sessions at such events and attract a large number of scholars from around the world. RC05’s final programme for the Gothenburg Congress is no exception, in that most of the major areas of contemporary research are covered: migration, transnationalism and diasporas; human displacement and trafficking; the rise in Islamophobia in the West alongside increasing racism and nationalism across the globe; the material effects of a continuing, pervasive ‘race’ discourse; and the social/spatial integration of migrants. Those interested in viewing this programme should click on the following link: [For those wishing to present a paper at one of these sessions, please follow the details contained in the webpage.]

First ISA World Forum in Barcelona, Spain5th-8th September 2008

CRED's Director organised a large programme of special sessions stretching over the period of the conference. Research Committees (RCs) organise at least one major conference between the four yearly World Congresses. The Barcelona conference, however, presents even more exciting possibilities than equivalent events in previous years, and for two reasons. First, the venue provides an excellent opportunity to stimulate an even stronger dialogue involving Latin American and Iberian scholars. Secondly, this is the first interim conference to be centrally organised by the ISA Secretariat; meaning that it will feature the simultaneous presence of a sizeable number of RCs. It was called the First ISA World Forum of Sociology and, as such, provides excellent opportunities for joint sessions (and other such ventures) with colleagues from outside RC05.

Peter Ratcliffe’s Presidential acceptance speech at the Durban World Congress in July 2006 placed a major emphasis on the importance of our role as sociologists outside, as well inside, our academic institutions. It is particularly pleasing, therefore, that the generic theme of the Forum was ‘Sociological Research and Public Debate’. This provided a definitive, though admittedly very broad, steer towards papers that engaged directly with issues that are the focus of national and/or international debate.

All those who are interested in finding more about membership of the ISA and/or RC05 should contact Zlatko Skrbis ( Queries about the 2010 World Conference in Gothenburg would be most welcome and should be directed to Peter Ratcliffe (