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CRED's Projects

Ongoing projects:

The EU Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA). The FRA, founded in March 2007, is the successor to the European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia (EUMC). It represents a substantial extension of the EUMC’s mandate, though the central focus on racism, xenophobia, Islamophobia and anti-Semitism will remain. It now reflects EU-wide concerns surrounding fundamental rights. As was the case with our EUMC work, we are undertaking major research exercises culminating in a national report each year in which we review the available evidence in the areas of legislation, education, the labour market, health and social welfare, housing and racist violence and crimes (including those driven by Islamophobia or anti-Semitism). Publications, including past outputs, are published on the FRA website ( Since February 2005, Warwick has housed a number of FRA projects:

  • The UK National Focal Point (NFP) for the EUMC (2005-2007) [198,000 Euros]
  • The UK National Focal Point Fundamental Rights Project (2007 - 2011) [500,000]
  • The InFoPortal Project (2009 - 2011) [600,000 Euros]
  • The Comparative Project (2011- 2014) [75,000 Euros]

This most recent project, awarded in August 2011, was a departure from our previous work for FRA. This role required that we provide reports which cover the above thematic areas EU-wide, rather than for just the UK. The first such report was on major data protection issues within the EU - using data from 10 EUMS, with an emphasis on available redress mechanisms. The second and third, both current, are on Rights of the Child in criminal and civil proceedings [comprising data collected from across 16 EUMS], and and EU-wide analysis [comprising data from 28 EUMS], of Victim Support Services.

Institute of Community Cohesion (ICoCo). We are currently involved in a critical review (funded by a variety of UK public authorities/NGOs) of current debates about ‘community cohesion’ and the desirability of supporting policies and practices geared to the generation of more ‘mixed’ neighbourhoods (in terms of ethnicity, faith and socio-economic background). This will inevitably require a major evaluation of the methodological problems associated with the various competing segregation indices, insofar as the degree of ‘mixed-ness’ needs to be assessed. The latter will be seen as increasingly complex as the rate and form of population ‘churn’ increases. The relationship between this new policy paradigm and the broader anti-racist and equality agendas will be evaluated.

Department for Education and Skills (DfES). On this project, the Director of CRED is a member of a research consortium led by the University of Warwick’s Institute of Education. The research involves a complex quantitative (multivariate) investigation geared to understanding better the determinants of differential performance on the part of school pupils from various ethnic backgrounds. It is hoped to follow up this work with a variety of linked projects, some more qualitative in focus, that seek to understand the precise mechanisms that lead to some children, irrespective of ability, perform (in terms of measured output) less well than their peers.

Research Programme on post-Accession Migration. One of Dr Staniewicz’s ongoing interests has been to analyse migratory patterns and the experiences of post WWII Polish (known as Polonian) communities. She is now developing a programme of research focussing on a number of aspects in relation to migratory processes. A8 migration (surrounding recent post-Accession Polish migration, Preliminary findings ). CRED has undertaken research concerning Roma and the multiple discriminations they face across the EU. Current FRA research will contribute - at the national [UK] level - to the FRA's EU-wide mapping process, to identify policies and strategies in place regarding migrant integration. This is the first time FRA has undertaken an EU-wide mapping expercise on this theme.

Reinvention Centre (Department of Sociology, University of Warwick and Oxford Brookes University). This innovative project seeks to ‘reinvent’ undergraduate education in the fields of racism and ethnicity. The current final year module ‘Race’, Difference and the Inclusive Society will be re-cast so that the more traditional formal lecture/seminar format will largely disappear. The aim is to bring students closer to the research undertaken by their tutors and thereby to inspire them to undertake their own project based work. Students will therefore take a much greater level of responsibility for their submitted work.

RAXEN - RAcism and XEnophobia Network