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Prof Peter Radcliffe


Professor Peter Ratcliffe joined the Department to teach courses on social statistics and social research methods. He as produced a major voume for the Office of National Statistics on ethnic concentration and segregation in the UK. He has also publishes extensively on 'Race' legislation, education, housing, employment, and racist violence and crimes. He contributes to MA quantitative methods teaching and the more methodologically oriented sections of Sociological Imagination and Investigation. Following his research in the area of race and ethnic relations, his teaching incorporated the third year option on 'Race', Difference and the Inclusive Society.

CRED's ethos is to develop strategies with partners for diverse communities (within and beyond the UK), in order to support those more vulnerable in society in having a voice, which will accelerate their access their intergration in to society and rduce social their exclusion, as individuals or as a group.

All of CRED's work is driven by Impact Factors, and in extending any benefits to additional end-user groups.

Dr Teresa Staniewicz CRED Centre Manager

Dr Teresa Staniewicz has successfully managed many 4-year largescale EU Framework projects for the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA), an EU statutory body. The last was the Comparative Project (2011 - 2014), which required her and her team to produce EU-wide policy reports which provided core analyses and identified 'best practice' in a number of EU thematic reporting areas, for the FRA. These reports are underpinned by the FRA's mission to provide social justice and redress mechanisms to all, thereby providing a universal and sustainable solution towards their equitable participation and integration in to civil society.

Since 2005, these large Framework projects, covered all aspects of the 'fundamental rights' agenda. To date she has produced over 80 policy reports of various sizes [FRA and other Funders], many of which have included primary research. Teresa also undertakes commissions for other EU (and UK) statutory bodies, as well as for many civil society organisations, including the public sector. Another strand of her work is capacity building, public engagement, and networking with key stakeholders [across the EU] to develop good practice measures, and implement interventive measures for a range of disadvantages communities. She is also highly involved in outreach initiatives, supporting a range of the aspirations of local secondary school students who are considering entering a range of higher education routes.

Teresa currently Co-convenes the ‘Race’, Difference and the Inclusive Society (3rd yr undergraduate) module with Peter; and also teaches on several MA modules, and the core undergraduate module - Social Research Methods. She is formally trained in undertaking [qualitative and quantitative] applied health-related research. Her areas of interest and specialties, as reflected in her academic output, are broadly: identity construction (sub-cultural; national) in white minority ethnic (diasporic) communities; the effects of policies on the healthcare, and provision outcomes for disadvantaged groups; the role of sedentarism in the situational experiences of groups such as Travellers, Gypsies, and Roma; the formation of demographic datasets of such ‘hidden’ minority communities; health effects of social and economic policy - health economics; EU criminal justice systems and redress mechanisms; analysing migratory patterns in urban and rural settings, and, the experiences of, post-accession labour migration. Other interests span the following:

Dr David Owen Dr. David Owen is Principal Research Fellow in the Institute for Employment Research and the Centre for Research in Ethnic Relations. His specialism is in quantitive analysis of the comparative demographic and labour market circumstances of ethnic groups. His is reponsible for maintaining the info-sheet data for the UK.

Dr Andrew Williams

Dr. Andrew Williams (Law)


Paola Toninato 

Dr. Paola Toninato (Sociology and Italian Studies)


Dr Stella Hart

Dr. Stella Hart (Education)







CRED's work programme is conducted in collaboration with colleagues from across the University as well as external members. Those who have contributed to or are associated with CRED's work are listed below.
  • Dr. David Owen (Health and Social Studies/Institute for Employment Research)  
  • Professor Lee Bridges (Law)
  • Professor Mick Carpenter (Sociology)
  • Dr Bob Carter (Sociology)
  • Professor Nickie Charles (Sociology)
  • Professor Robert Fine (Sociology)
  • Professor Annie Phizacklea (Sociology)
  • Ana Paula Magalhaes (Sociology)


Associate Members
  • Professor Zlatko Szrbis University of Queensland, Australia (visiting fellow, 2008)

  • Professor Margaret Greenfields, New Bucks University
  • Dr Lydia Lewis, School of Education, Bath Spa University
  • Dr Hannah Bradby 
  • Ms Tarini Mehta