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Professor Jim Beckford Professor Jim Beckford, Fellow of the British Academy, teaches an undergraduate module on Collective Behavior and Social Movements and the doctoral programme core module Research Process and Research Design. His research has focused on the theoretical and empirical aspects of religious organisations, new religious movements, church-state problems, civic religion, religion in prisons and religious controversies in several different countries.

Dr. Bob Cartert Dr. Bob Carter studied at the Universities of London, Birmingham and Leicester. He is co-convenor of the MA in Race and Ethnic Studies. His research interests cover several areas. One is the evaluation of sociological accounts of racism and the politics of immigration restriction, and this has involved the development of a distinctive theoretical approach to the interpretation of ideas about race and the politics of racism, based broadly on the sociological realism associated with the work of Archer, Layder, Pawson and Sayer.

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Proffessor Cohen Professor Robin Cohen is ESRC Professorial Research Fellow and Professor of Sociology, University of Warwick. He served as Dean of Humanities at the University of Cape Town while on long leave from Warwick (2001–3) and directed the nationally designated UK Centre for Research in Ethnic Relations (1985–9). He has held full-time appointments at the Universities of Ibadan, Birmingham and the West Indies and sessional appointments at Stanford, Toronto and Berkeley.


Professor Robert Fine Professor Robert Fine is Chair of the Department and convenor of the MA in Social and Political Thought.He teaches graduate modules on Social Theory and Politics, Sociology of the Holocaust and Critical and Deconstructive Social Theory, and an undergraduate module on the Sociology of the Modern State.His books include Democracy and the Rule of Law (republished in 2002), Political Investigations: Hegel, Marx, Arendt (2001), Being Stalked (1997), Beyond Apartheid: Labour and Liberation in South Africa (1991), He has co-edited Social Theory after the Holocaust (2000), People, Nation and State (1999), Policing the Miners' Strike 1985), and Capitalism and the Rule of Law (Hutchinson 1989).

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Professor Annie Phizacklea started out as a political scientist with a BA in Politics from Exeter in 1969, a Masters in Political Science from McMaster (Canada) in 1970 and a PhD in Politics from Exeter in 1975.Her main teaching interests are in migration, ethnicity, gender and employment and she teaches on Modernity and Globalisation in year 1, Migration and Identity and Gender and Work Worldwide in Honours years and the MAs in Comparative Labour Studies and Race and Ethnic Studies.

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