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CRED offers a range of teaching opportunities, from training its own pool of researchers, to more formal teaching (outlined, further below). CRED also organises bespoke staff development programmes, which are specifically designed to meet the individual needs that are identified. All such programmes to date, have provided an enhanced framework of organisational skills, and were developed to suit a range of key stakeholder needs (both in the UK and in the EU). These include incorporating and applying best practices from previous staffing training programmes and initiatives.



Taught MAs


Research degrees (MPhil/PhD)

The Department welcomes applications for its doctoral programme from all suitably qualified candidates, select this link for more informaton about Doctoral Degrees. Those who are considering registering for a topic area that falls within CRED’s remit are strongly encouraged to contact the Director, on, for an informal discussion.



Within the Sociology BA programme there are a number of modules that fall within the remit of CRED. One case in point is the third year module ‘Race’, Difference and the Inclusive Society.

As noted under Research and Publications we were awarded a grant from the Reinvention Centre to devise a radical new mode of teaching delivery, one that is much more research and student-led than the conventional approach. This teaching model was rigorously evaluated throughout the grant period (2007-9). As a result, we have continued with this highly successful altered format, which requires students to undertake a research project as one of their formal assessments. Some examples are listed below.



Choosing Your Undergraduate Dissertation, MA, or PhD Thesis Topic

CRED warmly welcomes all queries from prospective students, about undertaking either a degree, or, studying for an MA or PhD here in the Sociology Department. We encourage our students to be involved if they wish, in our EU policy-related projects, as well as publishing their own research projects as articles. This kind of 'hands-on' experience provides both an exciting and practical route to enabling the proper foundation to understanding about the workplace, deadlines, and a sustainable work ethic. It also ensures that our students develop highly beneficial CVs as a result of having undertaken real work experience. This continues to be a much sought after commodity in these greatly difficult times for graduates.

Please look through our pages to get an idea of the range of potential study areas, arising from CRED's research programmes. In the past, students have worked on a diverse range of topics for their chosen dissertations and theses. Here are just a few examples of areas where CRED staff have expertise, and are therefore able to provide excellent pastoral, as well as structured and genuinely supportive academic provision, to students throughout their dissertations and theses:

  • - Racism in Sport
  • - Social Media and the [mis]representation of Roma
  • - Ethnic Minority Children and Underachievement in Education
  • - Policing and Ethnic Minorities
  • - Accession Migrants
  • - Irish Travellers and Health
  • - Cultural Symbolisms
  • - The meaning of 'Race'
  • - The Big Society
  • - The Shifting Rights of Asylum Seekers and Refugees

CRED continues to welcome any new ideas from prospective students, whether you are considering studying at Warwick at undergrduate or post graduate levels. We particularly welcome students from diverse backgrounds and different needs. Perhaps you are considering entering education after a long break, as a mature student, for instance. At CRED we believe that the learning process never stops. Please do not hesitiate to contact us (details below), so that we can arrange an informal chat in the first instance, and go through a range of suitable options with you, tailored to your existing skills and experience.

Please either contact: CRED Director, Professor Ratcliffe ,; or, CRED Centre Manager, Dr Staniewicz