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Listen to the Plenary Papers

Recordings of the plenary speakers 'Authority and Political Technologies 2014: Power in a World of Becoming, Entanglement & Attachment'
Apologies for the poor quality, hopefully they will still be legible for those interested in hearing these great papers.

1. Christian Borch 'Shiller Sociality: On the Social Dynamics of Financial Markets'

mm2. Luciana Parisi 'Digital Automation and Critical Thought'

3. Amade M'Charek '(Sur)Face: On Generous Methods in Studies of Race'

4. Louise Amoore - unavailable due to anonymity issues.

5. AbdouMaliq Simone 'The Gravity of Leftovers: Reflections on Contemporary Urban Power in an Apparent Global South'

6. Costas Douzinas 'A Philosophy of Resistance'

William Connolly had to pull out of the conference in the end - however he has written a blog post that includes a section of the talk that he was preparing for the conference - on Contemporary Condition, June 6th.