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Our team convened a session at the Annual RGS-IBG conference, 2018

The project team are organising a session at the Annual Royal Geographical Society–Institute of British Geographers conference in Cardiff on 30th August 2018 entitled ‘Interspecies relatings: the emergence of new forms of human-animal engagement’.

It explores the emergence of new understandings of human-animal engagement and the possibilities they present for the development of different and less exploitative forms of inter-species relating. The discussion is located in the expanding landscape of less human-centred relations between human and non-human animals and the shift away from anthropocentric strategies of domination and exploitation towards more empathetic, respectful and inter-agentic relationships.

Papers include:

‘Changing dimensions of power: an exploration of dog training cultures in the UK’ (Nickie Charles, Mara Miele, Harriet Smith & Rebekah Fox),

‘What is best for the horse? Contested frameworks of training and human-horse relationships’ (Lynda Birke),

‘Love and responsibility: changing understandings of the human companion animal relationship’ (Rebekah Fox),

‘Making space for ‘bad’ dogs? A tale of co-negotiated and circumscribed spatial and temporal walking practices’ (Paul O’Hare),

‘The power of symbiosis in care-work: education boosts canine-human biomedical collaboration, stretching the boundaries of chronic illness’ (Fenella Eason) and

‘Men, dogs and bears - The role of working dogs in the Life Ursus project in the Province of Trento’ (Sofia Miori).

More information on the conference programme and registration can be found at:

Fri 01 Jun 2018, 12:36