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Sociology Toxic Expertise: Environmental Justice & the Global Petrochemical Industry

Toxic Truths, an edited collection from the Toxic Expertise project, is available open access:

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the Toxic Expertise project!

The Global Petrochemical Map

The Global Petrochemical Map - Logo

Toxic Expertise has created an interactive map of the petrochemical industry, including 75 case studies of petrochemical sites. We invite people to add their own comments, stories and experiences to the map.

The Global Petrochemical Map

Toxic News E-Magazine

Our 5-year anniversary November 2020 issue of Toxic News (20th edition), edited by Alice Mah, reflects on the enduring tension between despair and hope for environmental justice in polluted fenceline petrochemical communities.

Gwen Ottinger and Shannon Dosemagen discuss the legacy and future of the “bucket” for fenceline community monitoring; Débora Swistun contemplates the long search for environmental justice in Flammable in Argentina; Lorenzo Feltrin the challenges of just transition in Grangemouth, Scotland; and Yuanni Wang and Loretta Lou explore the possibility of a greener future for chemical parks in China.

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Credit: Louis Vest, Flickr - Industrial Landscape in Houston, Texas

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