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Sociology Toxic Expertise: Environmental Justice & the Global Petrochemical Industry

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This ERC funded, 5 year research project offers the first systematic sociological analysis of the global petrochemical industry in relation to corporate social responsibility and environmental justice.

Examining different claims about the health impacts of toxic pollution, this is a highly topical, interdisciplinary project.

You can view a 3 minute animated video explaining our project here.

Developing the "Toxic Toolkit" - a public resource of toxic expertise

Wordpress web developer opportunity

One of the key outputs of the Toxic Expertise project will be a public resource of toxic expertise. This will comprise a website incorporating a wide range of tools and resources, including a mapping functionality. We are looking to engage a web developer who is a specialist in Wordpress who will be available early next year to assist us with the development of this unique resource. Anybody interested in this opportunity should contact the Project Administrator Chris Waite for more information.

Toxic News E-Magazine

Our latest issue (September 2018) "Measuring and monitoring in complex times - the case of air pollution", edited by Research Fellows Dr Thomas Verbeek and Dr Calvin Jephcote, is now available. In this, the twelfth edition of Toxic News, the role of data, indicators and quantitative analyses in the present day global air pollution problem is explored. The contributions, from a range of leading researchers (Emma Garnett, Nic da Schio, Jon Fairburn and others) demonstrate that how we measure, monitor and analyse air pollution has significant impact on how the problem is perceived, framed and tackled.

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Credit: Louis Vest, Flickr - Industrial Landscape in Houston, Texas

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