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Sociology Toxic Expertise: Environmental Justice & the Global Petrochemical Industry

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This ERC funded, 5 year research project offers the first systematic sociological analysis of the global petrochemical industry in relation to corporate social responsibility and environmental justice. Examining different claims about the health impacts of toxic pollution, this is a highly topical, interdisciplinary project.

Key Concepts

Toxic Expertise, Environmental Justice, Petrochemicals.

The Global Level

Mapping the global petrochemical industry and the environmental justice movement.

National, Regional and Local Levels

Case studies in US and China.

The Collaborative, Participatory Level

Developing a scaled-up international public 'resource' of toxic expertise.

The Global Petrochemical Map now live!

The Global Petrochemical Map - Logo

One of the key outputs of the Toxic Expertise project, an interactive map of the petrochemical industry is now live. This pilot version of the map has 75 case studies of petrochemical sites, written by members of the Toxic Expertise research team. We are now seeking contributions and feedback on the map. Most importantly, we are inviting the collaboration of community and environmental groups, and the communities they represent, to add their comments, stories and experiences to the map.

The Global Petrochemical Map

Toxic News E-Magazine

Our March 2020 issue of Toxic News (18th edition), edited by Patricio Flores Silva, explores the 'open veins' of Latin America- to borrow a phrase from Uruguayan scholar Eduardo Galeano- and how people from the continent try to seek hope amid increasing environmental violence in a territory that bleeds through heavily polluted rivers, people suffocated by toxic atmospheric emissions, forests and mountains completely destroyed as a result of extractive industries, among other things.

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Credit: Louis Vest, Flickr - Industrial Landscape in Houston, Texas

Industrial landscape - houston

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