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In 2016, we launched CoventryCAN, a climate action network in Coventry. We wanted to make connections between local and global scales of research and engagement, showing how climate change, the petrochemical industry, and environmental justice are all interlinked. CoventryCAN aims to highlight the links between environmental justice, petrochemicals and climate change through community events and engagement in Coventry and the surrounding areas. We have run events in Coventry for "Green Week", including a fantasic event featuring "Green Women in Coventry", a "Plastic Made Fantastic" local school arts competition including several schools across Coventry, and several events about climate change, from local and international comparative perspectives, throughout the West Midlands. We link people, organisations and groups together, across the region, to inspire and empower people to take climate action individually and through working as a team. In 2018, CoventryCAN has since expanded to become student and community-led, embedded within local and community organisations.

Climate Change

97% of scientists now agree that human activity like the use of carbon intensive fossil fuels is changing the climate. Things like transport, electricity, heating and manufacturing all contribute to the greenhouse gas effect and the heating up of our planet Earth. The effects of climate change on the UK directly are tremendous. One of our student members researched and created this great infographic to illustrate some of them.

National Effects of Climate Change on the UK

National Effects of Climate Change on the UK

There is no need for us to reinvent the wheel here. There are an abundance of great online resources where you can learn about the process and effects of climate change. If you feel you need to know more about climate change then our friends at KenCAN (KenilworthCAN) have summarised things brilliantly.

Global industry, including the petrochemical industry, is responsible for approximately 21% of global greenhouse gas emissions and it is these gases that are responsible for human induced changes to our climate.

CoventryCAN: Coventry Context

Climate change is relevant to everyone, everywhere including the citizens of Coventry. Coventry residents may feel personally protected from the impacts of climate change being far from the coast in a rich, Northern country with cool temperatures. And anyone, anywhere may feel there is simply nothing they can do about it.

But we, in Coventry, aren't immune to the impacts and we shouldn't 'turn a blind eye' to the 100,000's of people globally who face a bleak future due to climate change and then do nothing about it. The global efforts to combat climate change are just that, global. Everyone needs to know that they can take action and that together these actions CAN make a difference.

Combatting climate change as an individual can feel daunting and ‘pointless’ but once we start adding up our collective efforts then the differences ‘we’ can make become very significant.

CoventryCAN: Network

At the moment there are just a few of us, mainly people at the wonderful organisations who have helped to make this happen. But we want everyone. Remember, it's CoventryCAN.

You may not realise that what you do is helping combat climate change, such as being part of a Walking Club, owning an allotment, buying second-hand or not owning a car. We believe that by joining CoventryCAN and linking together different clubs, groups and individual people that we can take more action through helping and encouraging others.

Maybe you need a venue for a fundraiser to get some cash to paint your Scout Hut, eco paint of course. Well it could be that another member knows just the place. Maybe you need more members to join your Conservation Group and help clean up a local area. Maybe you want to know more about how to reduce your carbon footprint.

CoventryCAN isn't about telling you what to do. It’s about helping you take action, about empowering members to take action together or alone. Share your ideas with CoventryCAN and we will all see what we can do!

Twitter: @CoventryCAN

Facebook: CoventryCAN


* Please note that these pages are currently under construction and more will be added in the future. Thank you for your patience and understanding.