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CoventryCAN Events

Future Events

March 2018, Green Week: CoventryCAN has worked with many local partners to organise a roundtable meeting of council members, university representatives from both Warwick and Coventry, energy sector stakeholders, school staff and council staff to discuss the ways in which Coventry schools can help with the Paris Agreement. Sustainable energy sources, energy savings and teaching about envionmental sustainability will all be discussed during this initial invite only meeting.

June 2018: Following on from the above we will collaborate with our partners to hold a large event inviting all Coventry school Heads/Deputies and local stakeholders to discsuss long term strategies.

Past Events

"Trouble Nuh Set Like Rain! Caribbean Climate Change Event"

Climate Change and Environmental Justice

Did you know that climate change is already having a huge impact upon the lives of many vulnerable people across the world?

Did you know that unless the international community can curb global warming to 1.5 degrees that many (more!) people will become climate refugees?

Did you know that whilst 'rich' well-equipped countries will cope better with the effects of climate change overall that their poorer residents will suffer most from consequences like rising food prices and poor quality air?

In November 2017, as part of the ESRC Social Sciences Festival CoventryCAN worked with Dr Leon Sealey-Huggins and Dr Anita Shevrington to run a community event with Caribbean food and music. We were also helped by student members of the Climate Reality Campus Corps at the University of Warwick. With science activities, games, crafts and facepainting for children and lots of interesting workshops for adults to learn more and take climate action. The event was attended by approximately 60 local residents and received great feedback that we will soon publish.

Plastic Made Fantastic: Free Public Art Exhibition - May/June 2017, Coventry Central Hall

As part of Go Green Week 2017 we ran a Primary School Art Competition. The children were asked to create pieces of art that represented Coventry, the UK or the Planet Earth using recycled plastic. We provided a full, teacher endorsed, resource pack to help the children learn about climate change, plastic and the Anthropocene Age. We even made sure that elements of our competition could be used towards attaining Eco-Flag Status.

The results were truly fantastic!

All the children who won their schools internal competitions had their pieces exhibited alongside information about climate change and the actions we can all take to help slow it down.

The exhibition included arts and crafts activities and facepainting which were all provided for free and the team thoroughly enjoyed speaking with children and parents about climate change the causes and effects locally and globally.

Coventry Central Hall kindly donated the exhibition space for free and we received wonderful feedback from our visitors, large and small.

 Lady Godiva and more art works in the exhibition





All children from the particpating schools along with their families, friends and teachers were invited to a celebratory lunch (funded by the Warwick Energy GRP) on Friday 2nd followed by our Awards Ceremony. The artists were presented with certificates by the Lord Mayor and the two winners were announced! In fact the art was so good that we had to choose some runners up as well.

Mayor and Thom

(Dr Thom Davies and Coventry's Lord Mayor helping to judge the art)

At the Awards Ceremony we heard from...

Dr Thom Davies - Toxic Expertise: Global Petrochemical Industry and Environmental Justice – Research Fellow, University of Warwick


Mrs India Holme - Toxic Expertise and CoventryCAN, Project Manager, University of Warwick


Meredith Whiting – 1st Year Sociology and Global Sustainability Student

Pro-Vice-Chancellor Professor Pam Thomas, University of Warwick


Coventry's Lord Mayor Tony Skipper


Our wonderful winners were...

Nihit (aged 5) and his wind chime from Broad Heath Primary School and Eva (aged 7) and her Emblems on the Natural World. These artists each won their school £500 for an eco project (provided by the Warwick Global Governance GRP) and the help of CoventryCAN to undertake their project in autumn 2017. They also recieve an arty prize provided by Coventry City Council.



Our runners up were...

Sean from Whoberely Hall and his moving Jet Propelled Vehicle. Archie from Wyken Croft and his Coventry Cathedral in the Blitz, Safia, also from Wyken Croft and her Big Ben... which was truly huge! And Lademi from St. Gregory's Catholic Primary and his 3d vehicle picture.





Here is some more of ‘Plastic Made Fantastic’

Coventry Cathedral Stained Glass Window ART

"Coventry Cathedral Window" - Eastern Green Junior AND "People around the World" - St Gregorys Catholic Primary


The "11 Wonders of the World" - Broad Heath Primary AND "Coventry City Football Club Badge" - Howes Primary School


"St Gregory's School Allotment" - St Gregory's Catholic School AND "Lady Godiva" - Wkyen Croft

Coventry's Go Green Week and International Women's Day

To celebrate International Women's Day as part of Coventry's Go Green Week, CoventryCAN has brought together a panel of inspirational Coventry women who are working hard to create a more sustainable future for our region and beyond.

MAry Creagh MPAlice Mah

Welcome by Pro-Vice-Chancellor Professor Pam Thomas, University of Warwick

Mary Creagh MP, Chair of the Parliamentary Environmental Audit Committee, Coventry born and raised! Recently helped get microbeads banned.

Dr Alice Mah, University of Warwick, ERC Research Grant Toxic Expertise.

Professor Shuli Liu, Coventry University, 15 years research experience in Low Carbon Cities, awarded over £1.7 million in funding.

Jacqui Staunton, Climate Change Solutions Ltd. Project Director and lifelong environmentalist

Bernie McCullagh, West Midlands Housing

Dr. Jenny Cooper, Independent Energy Innovation Specialist, Honorary Professor Energy/Engineering, University of Warwick

FUNDING: University of Warwick ESRC Impact Acceleration Account grant ref ES/M500434/1

Warwick University Science Gala

On January 25th we manned an exciting stall at the Warwick Science Gala. Aimed at school pupils aged 8+ and their families we had lots of interesting information about climate change, its effects and the actions we can take.

People enjoyed the interactive elements of our stall such as 'guess the smell of the climate change endangered food' (including chocolate and coffee!) and the 'bottled vs. tap water taste test' where almost every single person preferred tap water over the leading bottled brand, so now we can all ditch those expensive and polluting one use plastic bottles! We gave away some great shower timers and explained to people how this can help save a lot of water.

We had a lot of fun at the Gala and really enjoyed talking to all the guests about climate change and Toxic Expertise. The school pupils blew us away with their knowledge and enthusiasm about protecting the environment and their own health from toxic poulltants. Many wanted us to visit their school and tell them more. We even got to meet the lovely Lord Mayor of Coventry.

Science Gala