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The Global Level

Years 1 - 3

In the global phase of the project, we will map the global petrochemical industry and the international environmental justice movement. The focus will be on global petrochemical companies, environmental non-governmental organisations (NGOs), and related professional scientific, economic, and legal 'experts'.

Here we will combine qualititative and quantitative methods, analysing global networks and discourses as units of analysis rather than individual case studies. Most research on environmental movements and petrochemical pollution is focused on single case studies. Our approach will provide a broader understanding of the petrochemical industry and the environmental movement on a global scale.

Throughout this research, we plan to analyse competing claims, discourses, and actions related to toxic expertise on a global and transnational level. This stage of the research will:

  • map the global contours and networks of the petrochemical industry, focusing on leading petrochemical companies, their supply chains, their headquarters, and their primary sites of productions;
  • examine the key environmental, health, and justice campaigns of leading IENGOs, focusing in particular on campaigns related to toxic hazards and health;
  • examine debates about corporate social responsibility, sustainability, business ethics, and environmental monitoring within both the global petrochemical industry and IENGOs;
  • examine the relationships between professional experts, corporations, and IENGOs.