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Our forthcoming events are listed below.

You can find information about our past events here (2016 - present) and here (2000 - 2015).

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Wed 2 Feb, '22
CSWG Graduate Seminar - 'Women on the Move'

The series ‘Women on the Move’ encompasses intersectional experiences of women in the face of gender and colonial power imbalances, as well as the social significance of their various roles in the private and public spheres of life. By shedding light on the relevance of female leadership vis-a-vis persisting structural biases derived from both patriarchal and racist social constructions, a multidisciplinary group of researchers will highlight women’s contribution to societies in key historical periods and national contexts.

  • Caoimhe Kiernan: "How can the affects inspired by the global feminist judgment projects influence the gender composition of judiciaries in common law jurisdictions?"
  • Lucy Crompton: "Gender bias in financial remedies on divorce"
  • Erin Geraghty: "Why enquire into something the world already knows about?” Comparing imperial feminist motivations for Millicent Fawcett’s ‘Committee of Ladies’ to South Africa 1901 and the Women’s International League delegation to Ireland 1920"
  • Kathrina Perry: "Ladies of the Shoe Trade: Philanthropy, politics and the social significance of the wives of prominent shoe manufacturers in Northampton, 1870 – 1950"
Wed 2 Mar, '22
CSWG Graduate Seminar - 'Media & Literature'

The Media & Literature series comprises investigations on the negative representation of the female body in a male-dominated industry, including tendencies around the hyper-sexualisation of the girl child, the reinforcement of rape culture, and the impact of these on body and gender in the social imaginary. Additionally, as a counterpoint, the series also offer a look into female authorship and creativity and the struggle of women to explore and establish a literary identity within the world of literature during the Modernist and early Contemporary periods of American Literature.

  • Hannah Sherwood: "'Girls Just Want to Have Fun': Development of the Music Video and the Female Body"
  • Irene Rodriguez Pintado: "Female creation as female self-assertion: The Diary of Anaïs Nin and Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar on female creativity and authorship"
  • Nelly Fais-sad: "Lolita – The Myth of the Child-Woman in Visual Media Concepts"
  • Melissa Arkley-Simpson: "Let Us Be Angry! An Intersectional Analysis of Feminist Anger Expressed Through the Affective Labour of Female Extreme Metal Vocalists"