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Educational exclusion through the cultural medium of film

Thursday 5 March, 4-6pm, Reinvention Centre at Westwood


The film, Teachers' Views on Returning Schools, is a short documentary which looks at the experiences and views of teachers and young people at schools in Buenos Aires, Argentina, which cater for kids who have been excluded from, or do not participate in, education.

The film has been made by a Sociologist, Dr Analía Meo, from the University of Buenos Aires. Analia is also a Visiting Scholar at the Department of Sociology at the Unvierity of Warwick. Analía has researched on educational exclusion in the UK and in Argentina and through this film she provides a moving, engaging and provocative account of the difficulties and possibilities of school inclusion. The film offers some challenges to UK based programmes for excluded young people.

After the viewing of the film, there will be a discussion between Analía Meo and Cath Lambert from the Department of Sociology. There will also be an opportunity for audience questions and discussion.

The event will be followed by a drinks reception.

The event is organised and supported by the Department of Socioogy's Culture, Media and Creativity research cluster.

All are welcome.

The Reinvention Centre at Westwood is located in the Westwood Cafe building on Westwood campus, number 74 on th campus map