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1) Youth and political/civic participation/activism

Manning, N. (2010) 'Tensions in Young People's Conceptualisation and Practice of Politics', Sociological Research Online:


2) Memory and the transmission of political heritage


3) Extreme Political movements


4) Methodology

Barnet-Page and Thomas (2009) 'Methods for the synthesis of qualitative research: A critical review

News items

'Riots, fire, anger at tuition fees protest – and a defining political moment', Guardian, 12.12.10. (PDF Document) Article links Browne review to the Comprehensive Spending Review and its intergenerational effects and political fall-out.

'Tuition fees: Student demonstrators watch a wave of youth fury', The Guardian, 10.12.10. (PDF Document)

'Tax avoidance', The Guardian, 10.12.10 (PDF Document) Reports on new forms of politics with young people prominent with interconnections with student activism over fees 'tax activism'
'A journey to hope:Anti-fascism in a new era' Searchlight report on 'Hope' campaign and the changing politics of anti-fascism



Civic Web Project:

This is an FP6 funded project coordinated by the Institute of Education, London exploring youth participation and the internet, specifically:

  • the production of civic sites,
  • the nature and characteristics of the sites,
  • how different social groups of young people use and interpret such sites
  • the relationship between online activity and civic participation ‘offline’.