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Economy, Technology, Expertise

This research theme brings together sociologists working in science and technology studies, economic sociology, health and medicine, and political ecology. Our research examines the marketization of different forms of life and related problems of economic and environmental crisis. Our sites of sociological investigation are wide-ranging, spanning from global capitalism, humanity, justice, and neoliberalism, to genes, bodies, toxics, and big data. The politics of technology and expertise underpins much of our research. Through this research theme, we aim to explore relationships between economic, scientific, and civic forms of technology and expertise. Our research draws on a rich repertoire of sociological theories and methodologies, including the philosophy of science, social theory, ethnography, biosocial methods, and participatory public engagement.

Current grants:

  • ERC Starting Grant, “Toxic Expertise: Environmental Justice and the Global Petrochemical Industry” 2015-2020, Alice Mah, 1.5 million EUR
  • PERFORM, EU Horizon2020, “Value of participatory performance-based methods of engaging young people with science” Oct 2015–2018, Eric Jensen Co-I, 2 million EUR (overall project)
  • Wellcome Trust Seed Award in the Humanities and Social Sciences 'Blood and tissue as human subjects'. Amy Hinterberger, October 2016 - July 2016, £40,000

Previous grants:

  • ESRC Connected Communities Imagine Project: ‘The social, historical, cultural and democratic context of civic engagement: Imagining different communities and making them happen’ Jan 2013-Dec 2017, Alice Mah Co-I, £1.8 million (overall project)
  • Higher Education Academy, ‘Engaged teaching and learning within the social sciences: Embedding engagement with civil society organisations within the curriculum and higher education teaching practice’. 2014, Eric Jensen, £9,998.
  • AHRC Digital Amplification, ‘Using Social Media to Identify and Leverage Engagement (SMILE) with Arts and Culture’. Aug. 2014 - Jan. 2016, Eric Jensen, £79,971
  • AHRC Cultural Value Fund, ‘The Role of Technology in Evaluating Cultural Value’. Eric Jensen, £39,968.