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Undergraduate Research Fund: Inequalities and Social Justice

Inequalities and Social Justice Undergraduate Research Funding 2015-6

Applications are open to undergraduate students in the Department of Sociology at Warwick (this includes joint honours students)

To apply for the scheme you will need:

1) An idea for an activity that will support or promote research on inequality and/or social justice. This might be to develop your own research or research skills, or to share or learn more about others' research in this area.

At this point you are welcome to contact the Inequalities and Social Justice Cluster Director (Dr Hannah Jones) for help with putting together:

2) A plan for making your activity happen, including:

- what you want to do

- when and where you want to do it

- the purpose of the event

- itemised list of likely costs.

Please contact Hannah Jones ( at an early stage of developing your ideas.