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Theory and Methodologies

Sociology at Warwick has an outstanding reputation for social theory. This research cluster is distinctive for its global reach and its active exploration of the relations between theory and methodology, redefining the disciplinary and public relevance of social research.

Key research themes include:

  • Relations between theory and methodologies

  • The constructions of research subjects and objects
  • Theory, epistemology and the authority of
    knowledge claims
  • Methodological innovations from visual sociology to digital sociology,
    ethnography to quantitative methods

Social Theory

One of the core areas of this cluster is the work on Social Theory reflected in a number of departmental research areas:
  • Euro-centric nature of social and political theory
  • Historical tools and techniques of theorising in sociology
  • The sociological roots of neo-liberal thought

The Social Theory Centre is located in the department and incorporates the research expertise of members of staff drawn from across the university.

Members of the department also work with the Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies

Current Research Projects:

  • Contested and Possible Sovereignties: The ‘State’ of Kashmir, Institute of Advanced Studies, (March 2014-June 2014). Goldie Osuri with Nick-Vaughan Williams (Warwick) and Dibyesh Anand (University of Westminster).

Related Teaching

Theory and Methodologies Activities


Occupational Hazards/Dialogues (Two-Day Symposium)