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To make an expense claim, please complete the relevant form (see links below).


These should be used to claim back any expenses incurred already (travel related or otherwise) and be backed up by relevant receipts. Please note that receipts should be itemised, as unitemised credit card slips are not acceptable. Ensure that a business reason is provided for the trip and dates of conferences are included.

When there is no issue with your expense claim it usually takes 2-4 weeks to receive reimbursement. If you have not been reimbursed within a month of submitting your claim, please inform Vicki Flower.


Mileage rates for UK travel and subsistence allowance rates can be found through these links:

All claims must be accompanied by the relevant receipts or proofs of purchase. For more information, see the expenses guidance and procedures manual. For further guidance on expenses, select from the links below:

Per Diems

QUICKLINK to Per Diem Form

These can be used to claim a fixed rate per day for subsistence when travelling overseas. Each country has a different rate. Please see the Per Diem Guidance page for further information.

Cash Advances

QUICKLINK to Advance of Travel Expense Form

These are to claim money in advance of a trip, on University business. A declaration of attendance form must be filled in when claiming an advance.