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Purchasing / OPeRA

The university's e-procurement system, OPeRA, is used to place the vast majority of the department's orders. Most orders are processed on the same day as requested, providing that there are no issues to resolve first.

If you require access to OPeRA or need any help in placing orders, please call into the F339 Office and ask a member of staff. Links for online training and OPeRA help files are detailed on the lower half of this page.

Quicklink to OPeRA


Please ensure your purchases comply with the UOW Purchasing Office policies and procedures (see link below). Information for budget holders is also provided below.

University purchasing guidelines

The university has agreed contracts and often special pricing with a wide range of suppliers (see link below). Please check with these vendors first. A number of approved supplier catalogues are accessible directly from the OPeRA purchasing system. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please check with a member of staff in the R2.11 Office. We also have accounts with many other non-contracted suppliers as well.

Approved Suppliers and Current Contracts

Please sign, date and return ALL delivery notes to the R2.11 Office, for any orders placed through the School. If items are received without a delivery note, please confirm receipt of goods (or services) by e-mail to This is essential to avoid delays in processing supplier invoices. Please inform R2.11 Office staff if there are any issues with items received.


MOODLE online training course
To access the Moodle course for OPeRA, follow these steps:

  • Click on the above link and sign in with your university logon and password
  • Click on the "Categories" tab
  • Choose "Services" then sub category "Finance Office"
  • You will then be able to select the "OPeRA Shopping Guide" shopping course, from the list.
OPeRA Quick Start Guide
OPeRA Full User Manual

Students who are not currently set up with OPeRA access will soon be able to submit requisitions electronically, by using the form on the link below. Please note that this form is currently being tested, so it is best to submit handwritten requisitions for the time being. Once testing is complete, we will confirm here.

Please ensure your purchases comply with the UOW Health & Safety policies and procedures.

Please contact XXX on ext. XXX (Senior Health & Safety Advisor), if you require further advice or guidance on your purchase.


* £1000 to £10000 - 1 written quote required.

* £10000 to £35000 - 2 written quotes required

* over £35000 - competitive tender required (see R2.11 Office for advice, if necessary)

UOW payment terms are 30 days from date of invoice. Other terms must NOT be agreed with suppliers without prior agreement from Sociology Finance Office.