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Albert Tzeng

PhD Candidate, Dept. of Sociology, Univ.of Warwick, 2006-
MSc in Sociology, LSE, with merit, 2003
BSc in Psychology, National Taiwan Univ., 1998

Sociology of Knowledge, Science and Technology
Intellectual, Expertise and Democracy
Global Change and Its Governance
Taiwan, China and East Asia


PhD thesis- Framing Sociology in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore: Geopolitics, States and Its Practitioners

A comparative study that seek to map and compare how sociology had been introduced, developed and practised in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore, and to interpret the observed trajectories by relating them to historical and institutional contexts.

Supervisors: Prof. Steve Fuller and Prof. Tony Elger 


London Shool of Economics Merit Award, 2002-03
Ministry of Education Scholarship for Students Talented in Science, 1993-97
Gold Medal of 25th International Chemistry Olympia, 1993

I had a twisty intellectual journey. I started my undergraduate training in chemistry, changed major to psychology, and moved again to social studies in postgraduate level. Distinctive these disciplinary fields may be, they seems to me a continuous pursuit of making sense of the world, from material to social. And the range of the academic training I've exposed to provides me the basis to apprehend how different genres of knowledge are structured, produced, and justified.

I am currently involved in three researhc projects (see above). In a broader scope, I am interested in any attempt that seeks to relate our individual life to larger sociological and historical contexts for an insights on how we should act. This includes a wide range of issues, but in near future my major efforts will be focused on two pillar concept- knowledge, and globalisation.

In between the academic pursuits, I've served as an editor, a marketing assistant, a parliamentary assistant, an election campaign administrator, and two years in Taiwan's airborne special force as a medical corporal. I've also traveled extensively and I published a book about the Western area of China (Silk road, Tibet, and Yunnan) in 2006. You may see my other activities for more information.

This site also contains a portfolio of my postgraduate training and a gateway linking to other cyber-nodes that bears my name. For information in a more formal format, you may simply download my curriculum vitae.


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