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Margaret Archer

College of Humanities (CDH)
CM Building
Station 10
CH-1015 Lausanne
Tel: +44 (0)121 639 4876
Room: CM 1 516

Research Profile

My theoretical work over the last twenty-five years has been devoted to the problem of structure and agency. Related to this is the problem of objectivity and subjectivity. It is always a fair question to ask where a research interest came from, because they don't announce themselves nor, I believe, are we necessarily pre-occupied by the theories and problems that are current when we begin our work. My own fascination with structure (where do they come from and how do they exert effects) was prompted by moving from the London School of Economics to become a post-doctoral student at the Sorbonne. Those were the years of the 1968 événements... [continued on homepage]

Recent Projects

Selected Publications

  • Archer, M. S. (2011) 'Morphogenesis: realism?s explanatory framework' in Sociological realism, Editors: Maccarini, A. M., Morandi, E. and Prandini, R., Routledge, Oxford
  • Archer, M. S. (2011) 'Habitus, reflexividade e realismo' Dados 54 (1), 157 - 206 [article]
  • Archer, M. S. (2010) Conversations about reflexivity Editors: Archer, M. S., London; New York: Routledge
  • Prof Margaret S Archer (2010) 'Explanation and Understanding'
  • Prof Margaret S Archer (2010) 'Reflexivity'
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