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Centre for Critical Realism

Critical realism: interventions

Edited by Margaret Archer, Roy Bhaskar, Andrew Collier, Tony Lawson and Alan Norrie

Critical realism is one of the most influential new developments in the philosophy of science and in the social sciences, providing a powerful alternative to positivism and postmodernism. This series will explore the critical realist position in philosophy and across the social sciences.

Critical Realism
Essential readings
Edited by Margaret Archer,
Roy Bhaskar,Andrew Collier,
Tony Lawson and Alan Norrie

The Possibility of Naturalism, 3rd edition
A philosophical critique of the contemporary human sciences
Roy Bhaskar

Being & Worth
Andrew Collier

Quantum Theory and the Flight from Realism
Philosophical responses to quantum mechanics
Christopher Norris

From East to West
Odyssey of a soul
Roy Bhaskar

Realism and Racism
Concepts of race in sociological research
Bob Carter

Rational Choice Theory
Resisting colonisation
Edited by Margaret Archer and Jonathan Q. Tritter

Explaining Society
Critical realism in the social sciences
Berth Danermark, Mats Ekstrom,
Jan Ch, Karlsson and Liselotte Jakobsen

Critical Realism and Marxism
Edited by Andrew Brown, Steve Fleetwood
and John Michael Roberts

Critical Realism in Economics
Edited by Steve Fleetwood

Realist Perspectives on Management and Organisations
Edited by Stephen Ackroyd and Steve Fleetwood

After International Relations
Critical realism and the (re)construction of world politics
Heikki Patomaki

Capitalism and Citizenship
The impossible partnership
Kathryn Dean

Also published by Routledge

Routledge Studies in Critical Realism

Edited by Margaret Archer, Roy Bhaskar, Andrew Collier, Tony Lawson and Alan Norrie

Marxism and Realism
A materialistic application of realism in the social science
Sean Creaven

Beyond Relativism
Raymond Boudon, cognitive rationality and critical realism
Cynthia Lins Hamlin

Education Policy and Realist Social Theory
Primary teachers, child-centred philosophy and the new managerialism
Robert Wilmott

A realist analysis
Jonathan Joseph

Realism and Sociology
Anti-foundationalism, ontology and social research
Justin Cruickshank

Critical Realism
The difference it makes
Edited by Justin Cruickshank

Critical Realism and Composition Theory
Donald Judd

On Christian Belief
A defence of a cognitive conception of religious belief in a Christian context
Andrew Collier

In Defence of Objectivity and Other Essays
Andrew Collier

Critical Realism

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