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Melissa Chapple

Email: Melissa dot Chapple at warwick dot ac dot uk

I am a Research Assistant in the Department of Sociology, working on the Leverhulme funded project Educational Pathways and Work Outcomes of Disabled Young People in England. I am currently undertaking my PhD at the University of Liverpool, exploring how shared realities that are afforded through narrative reading can improve understandings between autistic and non-autistic adults. Additionally, I am currently a Research Associate at the University of Liverpool exploring the longitudinal wellbeing impacts on people in the Liverpool city region as a result of restricted access to arts and culture which has resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic. Through my work with autistic people, I have developed a keen interest in exploring the disadvantages faced by disabled people as a result of socially constructed norms and environments.

My wider research interests include improving social inclusion for autistic people, promoting neurodiversity understandings and addressing stigmatising attitudes towards disabled people. I am also interested in how creative methodologies and qualitative analyses can further understandings within social research.


Chapple, M., Williams, S., Billington, J., Davis, P., & Corcoran, R. (2021). An Analysis of the Reading Habits of Autistic Adults Compared to Neurotypical Adults and Implications for Future Interventions. Research in Developmental Disabilities, 115.

Robinson, J., Billington, J., Gray, E., & Chapple, M. (2019). Qualitative Methodologies I: Using established qualitative methods in research on reading and health. In J. Billington (Ed.), Reading and Mental Health (pp. 155-190). Cham: Palgrave Macmillan.