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Tingli Liu

About me

I am currently a PhD candidate in the Department of Sociology, starting from 2015. I have an MSc of Media and Communications from the London School of Economics and Political Science, UK (2014-2015) and a BA in Journalism from Fudan University, China (2010-2014). I also worked as a journalist in Xinhua News Agency Shanghai Bureau, reporting the economic and culture related news. My doctoral research is supervised by Dr Caroline Wright and Dr Lynne Pettinger.

Teaching experiences

SO112: 'International Perspective of Gender' (2016/17)

QS104: 'Introduction to Social Analytics I' (2017/18, 2018/19)

QS106: 'Understanding Social Inequalities' ('Unequal Childhoods', 2017/18)

My research

My current research has emerged from my MSc dissertation, exploring media representations of Chinese single professional women (who are labelled as 'leftover' women in the last few years), media circulation process, changes in love and marriage culture and other social transformations behind the phenomenon. Media representations of elite single women occur daily and analysing them provides the inspiration for my research. I address how those professional single women are constructed in Chinese media, how these representations are read by the audience and how this links with wider changes in Chinese urban society. The latter include changes in gender relations, love, marriage, intimacy and family relations, as well as wider trends concerning choice, modernity, individualisation and consumerism. Using genre analysis and critical discourse analysis (CDA) along with multimodal techniques, my thesis addresses the representations and readings of ‘leftover women’ through the following key themes: self-identity, choices in love, and intergenerational and social ties with families and friends.

Future research interest
  • love, marriage and intimacy
  • family studies
  • gender studies
  • film and visual studies
  • media and romance
  • User-generated content
Academic journal publications

Cao, J. and Liu. T. (2019). International discussions about new media and urban children studies. Contemporary Communications (6), 15-22.

Cao, J. and Liu, T. (2018). Middle-aged men’s homo-socialisation and mediated family communications. Press Circles, (2), 63-72.

Co-authored project article

Cao, J. and Liu, T. (2018). “The international and domestic discourse in new media and urban children studies". The research is funded by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, cooperated with scholars from the UK and China.

Public engagement

Liu, T. and Lu, W. (2013). The use of the child seat less than ten percent, the government’s compulsion is extremely urgent. People’s Daily. June 27th.
Lu, W. and Liu, T. (2013). Hot concept, cold market. People’s Daily overseas edition. May 1st.
Zhou, L. and Liu, T. (2013). Xiangeqing’s huge loss in the first quarter, as warning signs of high-end restaurants’ failure. Xinhua Daily Telegraph. April 6th.
Liu, T. and Sun, L. (2012). Legend or a curtain call? A celebrity interview with the Chinese famous dancer, YANG Liping. Shanghai oriental art magazine. Issue 9.
Sun, L. and Liu, T. (2012). New words pop in, the metabolism of the Modern Chinese Dictionary. Xinhua Daily Telegraph. July 17th.

Conferences Presentation
  • The Asian Conference on Media, Communication and Film, Tokyo, Japan, 2019.
  • Crossroads in Cultural Studies, Shanghai, China, 2018.
  • EACS: 22nd Biennial Conference of the European Association for Chinese Studies, Glasgow, Scotland, UK, 2018.
  • ICFM: International Conference on Family and Marriage, Vienna, Austria, 2018.
  • International New Directions in Media, Communication and Sociology Conference, Leicester, UK, 2017.
  • The doctoral conference, Department of Sociology, University of Warwick, UK, 2017/18.
  • Theorising the Popular Conference, Liverpool, UK, 2017.
  • The 3rd International Conference on Media and Popular Culture, Leeds, UK, 2017.
    Awards and Scholarships

    2018/19: Funds for Women Graduates (FfWG), the British Federation of Women Graduates.

    2015/19: Department supportive funding for academic conferences, the University of Warwick.

    2013: China National Scholarship for Outstanding University Student, Fudan University (China's most prestigious graduate scholarship, ranking the first in the department, 1/150).

    2012: Trend Media Scholarship, Fudan University.

    2012: Excellent Volunteer of Fudan University, 14th FINA World Championships.

    2012/13: Journalism Prize for Studiousness and Diligence, Fudan Journalism School.

    2010/2014: Outstanding Undergraduate Student of Fudan University (each year).


    Tingli Liu

    tingli5701 at 163 dot com