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Isabel Margarita Nuñez Salazar

I am a former postdoctoral Early Career Fellow at the Institute of Advanced Studies at the University of Warwick and a former Teaching Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Teaching and Learning at Warwick. In 2021, I awarded my Ph.D in the Sociology Department at the university, funded by CONICYT. I explored how far the heteronormative family is being challenged in Chile and the possibilities for building more egalitarian family relations. I looked at how people make family in everyday life in diverse domestic arrangements: opposite and same-sex partnerships, people living apart together, multi-species households, shared housing, divorced families, lone parenthood, people living by themselves, extended family relations and stepfamilies.

I examined how the making of family can either maintain or disrupt (in)equalities; to what extent gendered power is accepted and resisted; the way in which family relations either sustain or challenge institutional heteronormativity; and how doing family is shaped by gender, class, race/ethnicity and sexuality in post-dictatorship democracy. I drew my work from feminist thoughts, family sociology, intimacy studies and queer theory. I used a combination of qualitative methods: in-depth interviews, day-long observation inside the household and analysis of family photography. I supplemented these techniques with visual material and fieldnotes.

I advocate for another way of conceptualising family life by which the making of family is through a set of practices that convey the meaning of family and how everyday activity is gendered. It challenges the dominant notion of 'the family' [la familia] as social institution and addresses what people 'do' to create family rather than what people 'are' in families.

My research interest encompasses gender and sexuality, divisions of labour, feminist politics and social movements, food and health, intersectionality and visual methods.

My study was supervised by Professor Nickie Charles the Director of the Centre for the Study of Women and Gender and Reader Carol Wolkowitz in the Department of Sociology from the Centre for the Study of Women and Gender.

Researching at Warwick

Postdoctoral Early Career Fellow, Institute of Advanced Studies (2021 - 2022)

"Affective lives of gay, lesbian and heterosexual people in the Global South"

"Families an evolving concept: interdisciplinarity and critical methodological engagement with families"

Doctoral researcher, Sociology Department & Centre for the Study of Women and Gender

"Making (unequal) families: gender, class and family practices in Santiago de Chile"

Teaching at Warwick

ConvenorLink opens in a new window & Lecturer, Institute for Advanced Teaching and Learning (2021 - 2022)

Undergraduate modules

I lectured interdisciplinary cross-faculty modules. Furthermore, I invited guest lectures to contribute to the teaching practice to make possible wider approaches on identity and ideas of 'global' with their research.

Postgraduate module

I lectured a module on interdisciplinary ways of understanding water. My teaching focussed on how water is a gender issue, the possibilities of thinking water from feminist perspectives and the way water is connected to (un)equal everyday practices in the Global South.

Associate tutor, Sociology Department

  • SO 116 Sociology of Gender. Convenors Dr Ravi Thiara and Dr Cath Lambert.
  • SO249 Becoming Yourself: The construction of the Self in Contemporary Western Societies. Convenor Dr. Maria do Mar Pereira.
  • SO126 Class and Capitalism in the neoliberal world. Convenors Dr Katy Harsant and Dr Teodora Todorova
  • SO242 Designing and Conducting Social Research. Convenor Dr Amy Hinterberger and Dr Katy Harsant 

Other Academic Activities

Decolonial & Postcolonial Working Group, Institute of Advanced Studies

I am an active member of the Decolonial/Postcolonial group which a space for critical reflection with colleagues from diverse disciplines. The core of our reflections go in line with reflective thoughts on how the process of colonisation have affected and shaped historical and contemporary society, as well as, discussing new concepts and approaches to decolonisation in different fields.

The Centre for the Study of Women and Gender

I am an active member of the Centre for the Study of Women and Gender (CSWG) as part of the Committee Team for the Graduate Seminar Series. The seminar series aim to foster discussions on questions of/around gender, provide a safe and comfortable space for students to present their research and create an opportunity to fine-tune presentation skills.

Gender and Feminist Theory Group

I am a member of the Gender and Feminist Theory Group in Department of History at the University of Warwick. This is a reading group which aims to provide the opportunity for close reading and in-depth discussion of theoretical texts. The critical reading group benefits from cross-disciplinary perspectives, and to develop an informal space in which researchers learn from each other in thinking-through what are often challenging conceptual issues.

Warwick Latin America Studies Group

I am a member of Warwick Latin America Study Group which is a network of PhD students at the Warwick University who are interested in Latin America and/or are doing research in Latin America issues. In this research network there are PhD students from different departments such as School of Law, Politics and International Studies, Applied Linguistics, Department of Economics, Department of Sociology, Department of Psychology and School of Engineering. We are running monthly seminars related to a doctoral project of our members.

Latest Publications

2022. Nuñez Salazar, Isabel. A beautiful lesbian morning: depicting intimate lesbian lives in the Global South. CULTIVATE: The Feminist Journal of the Centre for Women's Studies, 147-149. (hereLink opens in a new window)

2021. Nuñez Salazar, Isabel. Making (unequal) families : gender, class and family practices in Santiago de Chile. PhD thesis, University of Warwick. (abstract hereLink opens in a new window)

2019. Nuñez Salazar, I. Displacing boundaries: Theoretical approaches to a comprehension of total labour in Chile. Revista Trabajo y Sociedad (2) 31.

2017. Nuñez Salazar, I. Decolonizar y queerizar lo docente: repensando el discurso curricular de la formación docente. Pensamiento Americano (10) 18. co-author with Murillo, Fernando; Gomez, Hector.