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Isabel Margarita Nuñez Salazar

I am a PhD researcher in the Department of Sociology at the University of Warwick funded by CONICYT. My research focusses on family practices in South America, specifically in Chilean families. I am interested in daily life among different family forms such as same-sex couples, heterosexual married couples, cohabiting couples, lone parents, people living by their own and stepfamilies. This research involves the understanding of intimacy practices as well as everyday life of ordinary people in Santiago de Chile through the intersectionality insight of social class and gender.

My study aims to comprehend how people’s lives have changed and persisted over time in Chile. Studying families in Chile is a crucial issue due to the fact that families are one of the mechanism by which individuals obtain opportunities and gain access to society. In addition, families are one of the place by which individuals have social mobility and access to social capital, as a consequence, these are a social group in which social inequalities are embedded and (re)produced. Researching family practices allows me to comprehend people’s lives in an active way which contributes a broad understanding of family life and sociology of families.

My research is a qualitative approach based on mixed methods in family research, incorporating 50 in-depth interviews, visual methods (family photographs) and observations among households (micro ethnography). I conducted my fieldwork in Santiago, Chile for a period of 10 months.

My study is supervised by Professor Nickie Charles the Director of the Centre for the Study of Women and Gender and Dr. Carol Wolkowitz Reader in the Department of Sociology from the Centre for the Study of Women and Gender.

Other Academic Interests

The Centre for the Study of Women and Gender

I am an active member of the Centre for the Study of Women and Gender (CSWG) as part of the Committee Team for the Graduate Seminar Series. The seminar series aim to foster discussions on questions of/around gender, provide a safe and comfortable space for students to present their research and create an opportunity to fine-tune presentation skills.

Some topics of dicussions are Media, Culture and Gender Representations; Work, Employment and the Family; Gender and Education; Politics and Power; (Trans)national Gender; Intersections of Gender, ‘Race’, Class, Disability and Age; Transgender and Sexualities; Feminism and Women’s Rights; Masculinities and Femininities; Feminist Methodologies; New Media and Digital Technologies; Histories of Feminism, Gender and Sexuality; Gender, the Body and Embodiment.

Gender and Feminist Theory Group

I am a member of the Gender and Feminist Theory Group in Department of History at the University of Warwick. This is a reading group which aims to provide the opportunity for close reading and in-depth discussion of theoretical texts. The critical reading group benefits from cross-disciplinary perspectives, and to develop an informal space in which researchers learn from each other in thinking-through what are often challenging conceptual issues.

Warwick Latin America Studies Group

I am a member of Warwick Latin America Study Group which is a network of PhD students at the Warwick University who are interested in Latin America and/or are doing research in Latin America issues. In this research network there are PhD students from different departments such as School of Law, Politics and International Studies, Applied Linguistics, Department of Economics, Department of Sociology, Department of Psychology and School of Engineering. We are running monthly seminars related to a doctoral project of our members.


Isabel Margarita Nuñez Salazar

I dot M dot Nunez-Salazar at warwick dot ac dot uk


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