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Department of Sociology

University of Warwick

Coventry CV4 7AL

tel: ++24 765 23549

fax: ++ 24 765 23497

A Registered Public Health Nutritionist, my research is on the social, policy and political dimensions of food and human nutrition. I work collaboratively, with colleagues from many different disciplines and sectors, in the UK, elsewhere in Europe and in different countries within the majority world. In recent years my main areas of research have been on implementing a rights-based approach to food poverty and insecurity; food and nutrition in mediating inequalities in health, and in poverty definition and measurement; and evaluation of policy intervention at local and national levels. I have explored consumers’ identities and perceptions of ‘risk’ and ‘trust’ in relation to food and new technologies, and the implications of negotiated new relationships with producers and the food system. The ethical dimensions of research and practice within the food system are a new area of research. All these contribute to inquiry over the location of ‘food and nutrition’ within the policy process.


I have qualitative and quantitative research skills, and have managed a number of research projects, often across institutions. For 20 years my main work base was an international, multidisciplinary, public health teaching and research institution (LSHTM); in 2000 I moved to social policy within sociology (University of Warwick). I was a consultant for international agencies in the 1980s and early 1990s (on nutritional surveillance, monitoring and evaluation; nutrition in health, agricultural and development planning; nutrition advocacy training for professionals from health, agriculture, statistics and planning). In the UK I have worked as consultant to NHS Scotland, Department of Health England, Food Standards Agency, and a Regional Development Authority among others (on evaluation of food and nutrition policy, food access and food poverty, nutritional advocacy, local food initiatives, and social policy).


summary recent/current research:

  • food security: implications for biosciences and social sciences (with Warwick Crop centre);
  • evaluation diet and nutrition strategy implementation at national and local levels;
  • exploring ‘reconnection’ between consumers, producers and food, through ‘alternative’ systems;
  • evaluation of policy intervention in food and nutrition for deprived households;
  • food access and food security in social deprivation, measurement and policy response;
  • sustainability of community food projects as policy instrument for addressing inequalities;
  • measuring diet in low income households;
  • public perceptions of BSE/CJD and ‘risk in food’, media and policy responses



Appointments held:

2008 - Professor, food and social policy Dept Sociology, University of Warwick

2001-2008 Reader/Senior lecturer, Department of Sociology, University of Warwick

2000-2001 Lecturer, Department of Social Policy and Social Work, University of Warwick

1998-1999 Senior Lecturer, Public Health Nutrition Unit, Dept Epidemiology & Population Health, LSHTM, University of London

1984‑1998 Lecturer, Centre for Human Nutrition, Department of Public Health & Policy, LSHTM

1977‑1984 Research Fellow, Nutrition Policy Unit, Department of Human Nutrition, LSHTM

1976‑1977 Short Term Overseas Personnel (TEAR Fund) Rwanda, Central Africa

1972-1974 Nutrition research assistant, St Lucy's Mission Hospital, Transkei, RSA


Membership of professional bodies:

Nutrition Society (elected Member of Council 2002-6) see:

Association for Nutrition - Registration Committee

UK Public Health Association (Food and Environmental Special Interest Groups)

Social Policy Association

Development Studies Association

Society for Social Medicine

Society for the Study of Human Biology (until 1998)


Membership of national bodies or committees:

Food Ethics Council (invited member, 2003; elected Director/Trustee 2006) see:

Defra Council of Food Policy Advisors (invited member, 2008-2010) see:

National Heart Forum (individual invited member, 2003) see:

Invited expert 2008-9 Food Standards Agency Independent Panel to Review Controls on Infant Formula and Follow-On Formula.

Invited expert (Nutrition Society nominee) 2005-8 National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) Programme Development Group for Maternal and Child Nutrition Guidelines

Expert collaborator 2004-7 Health Development Agency Evidence and Practice Development Collaborating Centres for Maternal and Child Nutrition (York/Leeds)

Member 1996-ongoing, Working Group on Food and Poverty/Food Access Network, Sustain, the national alliance for safe food and farming

Member 2001-2007 AgriFood Network, City University and Sustain:

Scientific advisor parliamentary Food Justice Campaign, 2002-5

Member of Scientific Advisory Committee of the British Nutrition Foundation, 1998-2004

1999 awarded Caroline Walker Trust prize for ‘major contribution to improving pubic health through good food’: work on food and low income. 


Recent research project steering committees ·

  • Parents’ & teenagers’ conceptions of diet, weight and health: does class matter? Universities of Hertfordshire and Edinburgh 2006-8
  • teenage pregnancy and dietary intervention, University of Manchester with Tommy’s Charity 2004-8
  • peer- led intervention in infant feeding in minority ethnic groups in London, University College, London, FSA, 2002-6
  • Cooking skills: intervention project, University of Dundee, FSA, Sept 2000-August 2002
  • Food access in deprived communities, East London School action, Global Action Plan, 2000-2001
  • Food, access, shopping and health; responses of the retail sector, joint project of Demos, the Henley Centre and Thames Valley University, 1997-2000


Ad-hoc public consultations and committees:

2010 DEFRA Expert Panel for project on evidence relating to the sustainability of a healthy diet

2008 think-tank on local/Scottish food contribution to Scottish food policy, Scottish Government

2007-8 Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit (Cabinet Office) Food Policy project.

2005-6 member External Review Panel, Scottish Diet Action Plan, for Health Scotland.

2003 Food Standards Agency consultations on national survey of diet in low income households.

2003 delegate to Advantage West Midlands/Localise West Midlands conference on Local Government Local Food.

2002 International Scientific Advisory Board, International Conference on Poverty, Food and Health in Welfare, Institute of Health, Lisbon, Portugal.

2002 delegate DEFRA Regional Consultation on Sustainable Food and Farming, West Midlands.

1999-2000 invited member Working Party 3 (Public Health Nutrition Strategy in the European Union to Implement Food Based Dietary Guidelines) of the Eurodiet Group and Conference: ‘Nutrition & Diet for Healthy Lifestyles in Europe’. see:

1996 - 2000 member of Standing Conference on Low Income and Food (Department of Health and MAFF) member Low Income Project Team (published 1996).

1995-1998, committee International and Public Health, (UK) Nutrition Society.

1995-1999: member of international Scientific Advisory Board, Arbeitsgemeinshaft Ernährungsverhalten e.V., Germany.

1994-6: member of Nutrition Task Force Low Income Project Team.


education and qualification

1998 Registration as Public Health Nutritionist

1996 PhD University of London Nutrition and Poverty: the case of lone parents in the UK.

1994 Accredited Nutritionist (Member Institute Biology)

1976 MSc University of London (Faculty of Medicine) Human Nutrition (LSHTM)

1972 MA Natural Sciences Tripos, University of Cambridge




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