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Emily Christopher

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Department of Sociology
The University of Warwick

My name is Emily Christopher and I am a final year PhD student in the Department of Sociology at the University of Warwick. My doctoral research is looking at how couples combine their jobs with domestic tasks and childcare in the home. I am particularly interested in this from the viewpoint of how specific forms of employment influence how family life is managed. For example, employers offer different ways in which they try to support work - life balance and different types of employment have different kinds of demands on family life. I have already examined these issues from the perspectives provided through large scale surveys. The current stage of my research is extending this through interviews with couples with children.

Prior to beginning my PhD, as well as having started a family of my own, I worked as a teacher for ten years in the Warwickshire area having previously completed an undergraduate and Masters degree in Politics. I began my PhD in January 2012 and through my work I hope to contribute to our understanding of the interrelationship of the workplace and home and its importance in shaping the everyday experience of individuals and their families.


My supervisors are Professor Nickie Charles and Dr Carol Wolkowitz.