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Rebekah Fox

Research interests

Rebekah Fox joined the Department of Sociology in January 2018 as a Research Fellow on the Leverhulme funded 'Shaping human-animal connectedness: Training cultures and the emergence of new forms of human-animal relations' project, together with professor Nickie Charles (PI, Warwick), Professor Mara Miele (Co-I, Cardiff) and Professor Francoise Wemelsfelder (Consultant, Edinburgh). This three-year interdisciplinary project examines how various forms of human-animal connectedness are shaped through training cultures using innovative methods of multi-species ethnography.

Rebekah is a cultural geographer with a long-standing interest in human-animal relations completing her PhD on ‘The cultural geographies of pet-keeping’ in 2005 and a post-doc on ‘Animals, gender and science: the world of pedigree pet-breeding’ in 2008. She has previously worked at Royal Holloway, Kingston University and Uppsala University in variety of research roles and most recently was the PI on a Waltham funded study entitled ‘Changing Conceptions of Care: The humanisation and medicalisation of the human-companion animal relationship’.

Her research centres on the importance of animals in everyday social and cultural life, including practices of love and care, intimate spaces of the home and family, responsibility, medical treatment of animals, pedigree pet-breeding and showing, migration, animals in public space and more recently on changing cultures of pet-keeping during the late twentieth / early twenty-first century.

She have also worked in the area of health, particularly on women’s experiences of pregnancy and childbirth, parenting, family, gender and food and on cultures of leadership and management in the NHS.



Peer Reviewed Journal Articles


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 Book Chapters


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Photo of Rebekah


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