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IAS Project: From Comparative Studies to Connected Historiographies

Re-envisioning Methodological and Conceptual Issues in Historical Sociology 

bookThe globalisation of social inquiry poses fundamental questions for the conventional (national) organisation of social-scientific knowledge. This project addresses the role of historical knowledge in the construction of understandings of the (global) present. As the historical record to which concepts are applied is richer and more varied than is generally allowed, the re-interpretation of history is not just a different interpretation of the same facts, but the bringing into being of new facts. Along with new facts, new voices, and with new voices, new possibilities for mutual learning.

The project brings together scholars from Sociology, History, Politics and International Studies, Law, and English to address methodological and conceptual issues within historical sociology from a global and cross-cultural perspective. Scholars bring their disciplinary expertise to bear upon questions of common interest enabling discussion on substantive issues and case-studies as well as theoretical exploration of epistemological and normative issues. There will be three research workshops on the themes outlined below to be followed by a postgraduate conference in July 2008.

If you would like to be kept informed of events associated with this project, please email Gurminder at g.k.bhambra(AT)


Research Symposia:



Postgraduate Reading Group

To facilitate postgraduate involvement in these symposia we will be holding three reading group sessions prior to each symposium to discuss articles and chapters relevant to the themes under consideration. The readings will be made available via the website where possible and the sessions will be facilitated by the co-ordinator of the symposium. Interested faculty are also encouraged to attend. There are lists of relevant readings from across the disciplines on the associated webpages. Further information regarding which readings, time, date and location will be made available on the relevant webpage associated with each research symposium.


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Sam Adelman (Law)
Clare Anderson (Sociology)
Cecily Jones (Sociology)
Gurminder K. Bhambra (Sociology)


David Arnold (History)
Robert Fine (Sociology)
David Hardiman (History) 
Yvette Hutchison (Theatre Studies)
Abdul Paliwala (Law)
Benita Parry (English)
Shirin Rai (PAIS)
Giorgio Riello (History)
Charles Turner (Sociology)
Khursheed Wadia (Centre for Research in Ethnic Relations)