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Positioning Narratives: From Universality to Relativity

This symposium addresses the inclusions and exclusions that structure disciplinary narratives and raises the question of the possibility of constructing inter-disciplinary validity in light of competing narratives. The issue of metanarratives and ‘mythologies’ within different disciplines will also be addressed.


Session 1: Constructing Justice across Contested Boundaries

  • Were the Minorities Treaties about Justice?
    Jane Cowan (Anthropology, University of Sussex)

  • Citizenship, territory and security: creating ‘safe neighbourhoods’
    David Howard (Geography, University of Edinburgh)

Chair: Robert Fine (Sociology, Warwick)


Session 2: Boundaries and Borders, Inclusions and Exclusions

  • Race-based Exclusions in the Teaching of International Relations
    Shirin Rai (PAIS, University of Warwick)

  • Sovereignty, Citizenship and Exclusion
    Sam Adelman (Law, University of Warwick) 

Chair: Bob Carter (Sociology, Warwick)



Symposium Details: 

Friday 9th May
Room: R2.41, Ramphal


PG Reading Group

Date: Mon 28th April
Time: 4-5.30pm
Room: S0.17


Nelson: 'Epistemological Communities'

Mohanty: 'Epistemic Status of Identity'

Stoler: 'Imperial Ruin'

Available from R3.14