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'Connected Histories' PG Conference

Tuesday 1st July 2008

Ramphal 1.15




Keynote Speaker
Sanjay Seth (Politics, Goldsmiths)
Modernity and the limits of modern knowledge

Discussant: Clare Anderson (Sociology, Warwick)


Tea / coffee


Postgraduate Papers I


Daive Dunkley (History, Warwick)
Reading slave voices in the archives, part II: The manumissions in Jamaica from 1808 to 1830 (PDF Document)
Discussant: Cecily Jones (Sociology, Warwick)


Joydeep Sen (History, Warwick)
Co-constructiveness as an example of connectedness? Aspects of astronomy in nineteenth-century India (PDF Document)
Discussant: Sarah Hodges (History, Warwick)

1245 -1400



Keynote Speaker
Meltem Ahiska (Sociology, Bogazici University, Istanbul)
Orientalism / Occidentalism: the impasse of modernity

Discussant: John Holmwood (Sociology, Birmingham)


Postgraduate Papers II


Rodrigo Cordero Vega (Sociology, Warwick)
Give me a break! Crisis theories and contemporary narratives of worldbuilding in sociology (PDF Document)
Discussant: Ipek Demir (Sociology, Leicester)


Søren Rud (History, Copenhagen)
The urban poor and the colonial connection (PDF Document)
Discussant: Miles Larmer (History, Sheffield Hallam)


Ozan Zeybek (Geography, Open University)
Blind gaze: fantasies of provinciality (PDF Document)
Discussant: Gurminder K. Bhambra (Sociology, Warwick)


Tea / Coffee


Roundtable Discussion
Sanjay Seth, Meltem Ahiska, and Madhumita Mazumdar (BA /AHRC/ ESRC Visiting South Asia Fellow in Sociology) together with all participants above
































































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Sanjay Seth's 'Changing the Subject: Western Knowledge and the Question of Difference'  (PDF Document)

Meltem Ahiska's 'Occidentalism: The Historical Fantasy of the Modern'  (PDF Document)